Are you aware of your body’s energy? In reality, our bodies have 7 chakras or energy centres located around our spine. These centres are responsible for our health, well-being, and overall happiness.

Have you ever felt stressed out, anxious, tired, angry or sad? If so, you’re experiencing symptoms related to a particular chakra. Find out what each centre represents.

Chakras are also known as “energy vortexes”. They are the way our consciousness connects with the world from within. Your body has seven major energy centres, known as chakras. Each one affects us differently physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and even sexually.

What are the 7 chakras?

Chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” or “vortex”. Chakras are said to be centres of energy within the human body. They are located in specific areas of the body and each one has its own unique vibration.

There are seven main chakras in the human body. Each one corresponds to a specific part of our physical and spiritual bodies.

Each chakra represents a different aspect of our life. For example, the first chakra is associated with survival needs such as food, shelter, safety, etc. The second chakra is related to emotional needs such as love, acceptance, self-esteem, etc.

The third chakra is associated with creativity, imagination, intuition, spirituality, etc. The fourth chakra is associated with personal power, self-confidence, sexuality, etc.

The fifth chakra is associated with relationships, communication, and socialization. The sixth chakra is associated with health and healing. The seventh chakra is associated with enlightenment and awakening.

When these chakras are balanced, we feel happy, peaceful, and fulfilled.

When these chakras is unbalanced, we may suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc.

What are the 7 chakras?

1st Chakra – Root Chakra

Located at the base of the spine, this chakra is responsible for basic survival needs such as eating, sleeping, breathing, etc. It is also connected to the earth element.

It is associated with the colour red.

2nd Chakra – Sacral Chakra

This chakra is located between the navel and genitals. It is associated with the colour orange.

It is responsible for sexual desires, reproduction, emotions, creativity, intuition, etc.

3rd Chakra – Solar Plexus Chakra

This chakra is located right above the stomach. It is associated with yellow.

It is responsible for feelings of happiness, joy, optimism, enthusiasm, etc.

4th Chakra – Heart Chakra

This chakra is located in the centre of the chest. It is associated with green.

It is responsible for love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, etc.

5th Chakra – Throat Chakra

This chakra is located in the throat area. It is associated with blue.

It is responsible for communication skills, speaking, listening, etc.

6th Chakra – Third Eye Chakra

This chakra is located at the forehead. It is associated with white.

It is responsible for wisdom, knowledge, learning, etc.

7th Chakra – Crown Chakra

This chakra is located at the top of the head. It is associated with violet.

It is responsible for the connection to spirit, higher consciousness, etc. You can use crown chakra affirmations for healing.

How do I know which chakras are imbalanced?

In order to determine whether any chakras are out of balance, it is important to understand what they represent.

For example, if you feel anxious, depressed, or stressed, then chances are your root chakra is out of balance. If you have trouble falling asleep, then chances are your sacral chakra is out of whack.

If you feel angry or frustrated, then chances are your solar plexus chakra is out of alignment.

If you find that you don’t feel motivated to exercise, eat healthy foods, or take care of yourself, then chances are your heart chakra is out of place.

If you find it difficult to communicate effectively with others, then chances are your throat chakra is out of sync.