Shopping for maternity clothes is more interesting than ever with plenty of options in maternity wear. After years of dull maternity clothes, the apparel industry has now evolved and today, there are beautiful and modern maternity clothes available in the market.

Maternity clothes are essential for a woman while she is pregnant and then after childbirth while she is nursing the baby. But with the right choice of clothes, you can repurpose the same set of clothes from pregnancy to breastfeeding and beyond!

Here are some shopping tips to choose the right clothes.

1. Invest in Good Nursing Bras

Nursing bras are not just for nursing. They are a great choice for wearing during pregnancy when your breasts are getting ready for lactation. They help support the breasts during the physical changes. And of course, you can wear these bras when you actually start the breastfeeding journey. When you take good care of the nursing bras, they last you really long. The stretchable fabric used in these bras means that you can wear them even when your breasts are undergoing size transition.

Nursing bras

2. Cover Your Baby Bump with Best Nursing Dresses

Best nursing or maternity dresses are the coolest way to cover your baby bump without hesitation. A nursing midi dress or stretchy maternity dress is a great option to look beautiful and also suit your breastfeeding needs. Maternity wear dresses also have the perk of being flattering for most body types, which can be especially helpful for the postpartum mom.

Best Nursing Dresses

3. Use Breastfeeding or Nursing Pads

Breastfeeding or nursing pads are absorbent pads that are inserted inside the bra over your nipples to absorb milk leaking from the breasts. These pads keep the breast are dry and clean. They also prevent the bra fabric from getting damp with the leaking milk and effectively improve the longevity of the nursing bras.

breastfeeding nursing pads

4. Choose Quality Fabrics

When you choose good quality fabrics, they give you more mileage out of the clothes you buy. If you invest in good quality modern maternity clothes while you are pregnant, they can last you from pregnancy to breastfeeding. With discreet nursing access such as concealed zippers, they can be useful even beyond the breastfeeding journey.

5. Layer Your Outfits

Layering is a great way to repurpose clothing. For instance, wear an overshirt over a nursing camisole. Or put on a jacket over a solid maternity dress. This will help you get more looks out of the same clothes increasing their utility.

maternity or nursing camisole

6. Don’t Hesitate to Shop Online

If you have reservations about shopping online, don’t worry. Many online maternity wear stores provide customer-friendly policies such as easy returns and exchanges. Also, since these stores specialize in breastfeeding clothes for online shoppers, they have helpful size charts and also provide sizing help on request. Shopping for breastfeeding clothes online is very convenient and easy and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home!

Be sure to choose versatile pieces that you can mix and match. This way, you can be sure that they will be useful for a long time!

7. Know How to Measure Yourself

While shopping for maternity clothes, it is important to measure yourself properly. There are a lot of helpful videos online that show the correct way to measure yourself for maternity clothes. If you face difficulties, you can always get professional help. When your measurements are right, it becomes easier to pick up the right size of maternity clothes so that they fit perfectly and give you great comfort.

Measure Yourself for a Maternity Nursing Bra