Jamaica is an Island country in the Caribbean and is full of mountains, rain-forests and beaches. It is also famous for the British Colonial structure and is the birthplace of reggae music. The capital of Jamaica is Kingston, which is famous for the museum dedicated to the famous singer, Bob Marley. Jamaica is known for Blue Mountain coffee, Red Stripe beer, Jamaican rum, beautiful beaches and majestic waterfalls. 

But still there are a few other interesting things that this beautiful Island is known for. Here, we discuss the top 7 things Jamaica is known for and that differentiate this place from the rest of the places due to its authenticity. If you are looking for something a little more relaxing and out of the city you can visit the Jamaica area. Take a vacation to this place and book flights with AeroMexico. Also, contact AeroMexico Airlines customer support number for more info.

1. Rastafarian lifestyle

This lifestyle came into action in Jamaica in 1930 after the Rastafarian movement. This lifestyle is based on some philosophies that say that the African people living around the world are in exile and are bound to return home. Jamaica is known for believing and putting an end to slavery, economic injustice and racial discrimination so as this lifestyle. This lifestyle is not on a high scale and therefore, the population of Rastafarian people is less than 5%.

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2. Fastest Sprinters

We all know that Jamaica is home to some of the world’s fastest sprinters and best athletes in the world. It is the birthplace of the world-renowned fast runners that have played in the Olympics. This might be because the genetic pool of Africans is athletic and they consume yam and a lot of fruits. Jamaica is known for Usain Bolt, the fastest sprinter and the world record holder.

3. Rum

Jamaica has been the first place to produce rum for exporting it to other places. It is also widely used for making rum cakes and other medical aid purposes. Jamaica is the first commercial producer of rum and has the highest number of rum bars and shops, registered and unregistered. Jamaica is known for having the most expensive rum in the world. You can also purchase from local rum sellers but be cautious while consuming any of it (whether it is costly or cheap).

4. Pirate History

Jamaica was once on the list of the most dangerous cities in the world and at that time, was occupied by pirates. Port Royal, in Jamaica was the operating base of pirates and for the trade routes. The pirates also played an important role in defending the city from various attacks. 

5. Ackee and Saltfish

  Jamaica has a mixed cultural heritage and its cuisine is influenced by the flavours around the world. Jamaica is known for Ackee and Saltfish that is the staple diet and is the national dish. This dish was ranked as the second best national dish in the world.

6. Blue mountain coffee

This coffee is one of the most expensive coffees in the world and is produced, grown and packed in Jamaica only. It is known after the highest mountain range where this coffee is grown. You should definitely try it and bring some home as well.

 7. River Rafting

Jamaica is known for the very famous bamboo river rafting, which is a must to do thing while in Jamaica. If you are adventurous or like to do water sport, or stay in water, you can get to try this in the Black River or Rio Negro and many other spots as well. This is also amongst the most popular activities in the Caribbean.


Visit Jamaica by booking your flights from Boston to Kingston, Jamaica, from Kingston, Jamaica to Boston or from any other place you wish to travel from. This Island, usually underrated, has a lot to offer and awaits experience that you have never experienced before.