Siding protects your home from the weather, debris, and pests. Seven signs indicate your siding needs repair or replacing, and home improvement services in Durham, Raleigh & Chapel Hill, NC, can inspect your siding and offer recommendations.

   1. High Heating and Cooling Bills

Defective siding causes your HVAC system to work harder and your utility bills to rise. Rising heating and cooling costs could indicate that your siding needs replacing.

   2. Frequent Painting

Frequent repainting is a sign your siding needs replacing. A siding company in NC can install new siding that will eliminate the need for frequent painting.

  3. Warping or Bubbling

Bubbles and warping on vinyl siding signify that water has gotten behind the siding. Call a siding contractor for a thorough inspection if you see signs of damage. 

  4. Cracked or Loose Siding

Cracked or loose siding allows moisture underneath the siding, which must be repaired before it becomes a significant issue.

  5. Fungus, Mold, or Mildew

Humid air and lack of direct sunlight can cause mold, mildew, and fungus to accumulate. Consulting a home siding company can determine the best course of action.  

  6. Rotting

If the wood underneath the siding is rotting, you must address the problem immediately. Rotted wood weakens the structure and makes it vulnerable to further damage. Call a home improvement contractor if you notice signs of rotting. 

  7. Interior Peeling Paint 

Peeling interior paint signifies moisture is coming in from the outside. It’s essential to call a home improvement company for an inspection. 

Kingsford Home Improvements specializes in siding repair and replacement in Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina.