When it comes to real estate, there is no such thing as an average property. Instead, there are properties with all sorts of bells and whistles that make them stand out on the market. If you want your property to go under contract fast and sell at a high price, you need to offer buyers what they want. In this detailed, informative article, we will look at seven steps every investor should follow when opting for houses for sale.

Tips To Make Your Home Stand Out On The Market

Well, let’s start with how you can prepare your house and make it buying-worthy without renovating the entire place.

1. Clean, clean, and clean

Nothing will make your house stand out from all the houses for sale in the market like thorough cleaning will do. Check everything and do everything to ensure your house is clean, tidy, and extremely presentable. Consider high-pressure cleaning for your driveway, hire a team of professionals to clear all the built-up mold, and take enough time to clean window glasses.

Buyers hate a messy house, so ensure you de-clutter every room and organize your wardrobes and drawers well. Dust the entire place and vacuum it as you have never done before. All in all, there should be not even a single bit of paper on the floor.

2. Change a few fixtures

The simplest way to enhance the beauty of your house is to change the handles and hinges. Yes, this might sound way too simple, but give it a try and you will see the difference yourself. New handles on the kitchen cabinets and drawers can give a completely new look to your old cabinets. Also, new door handles can enhance the beauty of your doors and windows.

Next, invest in a few ornamental items. For instance, set and decorate your dining table using elements like potpourri and candles. Also, ensure all the light fixtures are in working condition.

3. Clean your kitchen appliances

Well, any potential buyer will be interested in checking your kitchen appliances and their overall condition. So, ensure your fridge, ovens, coffee maker, food processor, and any other appliance that you use are neat and clean.

4. Depersonalize the property

When a buyer walks in, all he/she wants is to visualize themselves in the house. So, ensure there are no personal items like family pictures, or anything similar lying around. Also, try to remove all traditional furniture and accessories.

5. Take care of the exterior

Of course, all the people putting houses for sale ensure the property is clean and settled from the inside, but very few sellers pay attention to their exterior. Well, don’t make this mistake. Try to take care of the landscape. Move your lawn well, or hire someone to do so. Also try making small amendments like installing a new letterbox, or buying a new front door mat.

6. Get pest control done if needed

Before you put your property on houses for sale, it is very important to get a pest inspection. This will help you in identifying any major issues and thereby fix the problem. After all, you don’t want bugs and cockroaches to show up when you are giving a very strong and convincing house tour.

7. Hire a real estate agent

Last, but not least. Consider working with a real estate agent. They are experienced enough to help you through every phase and will take care of all the legal work as well. Also, decide how you want to sell, like a private treaty or auction. Whatever you decide, the agent will be able to help.


When it comes to houses for sale, creating a successful real estate listing will secure an ideal buyer for houses for sale, the ultimate goal is to create one that not only presents your property at its best but also one that sells itself. After all, how a property is presented will be the first contact the buyer has with it, so it needs to present the property in its very best light. This means considering certain details before putting your property on the market and then working with a marketer who knows exactly what it takes to write a winning sales pitch.