Over the years, there has been much debate over what kind of jeans look best on petite women. Many petites refuse to wear flare jeans due to feelings of inadequacy and despair at not being able to fit into them properly. 

However, many Petites have greatly benefited from wearing jeans that flare at the bottom and often find that they fit better than their skinny jeans. If you’re a petite person wondering why flared jeans look better on you than other types of jeans and how to buy them, read the below guide for tips and get the perfect pair of flare jeans from women’s clothing online boutiques.

10 Tips for Short women to style Flare Jeans

Flare jeans are one of the most versatile pieces in any woman’s wardrobe. However, if you’re petite, they can make you look taller and slimmer, but only if they are worn correctly. This guide has some tips on style flare jeans for petite women.

Tip 1: It’s All About The Hem

When shopping for jeans, you need to know your inseam measurement (the length of the inside seam of the jeans). If you are looking at a pair of flare jeans for women with an uneven hem, look for those with a higher rise because these will be more flattering. Also, a slightly higher waistband helps elongate the leg and balance out your proportions.

Tip 2: Make Sure They’re Flattering

When it comes to selecting the appropriate flare jeans style, petite women need to beware of too wide styles at the bottom. It may seem like a great idea since they look so trendy, but ultimately they will make you look shorter and wider than you already are. So instead, stick with smaller flares that are no more than an inch or two at the bottom.

Tip 3: Add Balance

Petites need to add lots of vertical elements to create the appearance of being taller. So when you are shopping for your jeans, look for ones with side pockets that will draw attention upward and elongate your legs. A dark wash combined with a pair of heels or boots is an excellent addition to any petite woman’s wardrobe.

Tip 4: Tuck It In

Tucking your shirt into your flared jeans will create an hourglass effect. It’s a particularly great option if you are petite because it will make you look taller and more proportional. In addition, the tucked-in shirt draws attention to your waist, which is usually one of your best features.

Tip 5: Add a Belt

Adding a belt to your flared jeans is an easy way to add some style. It helps define your waist and create sexy curves, even if you’re on the shorter side. In addition, you can experiment with different types of belts until you find one that perfectly matches your flare jeans. Get the perfect chic pair of belts from trendy women’s clothing and flaunt your looks. 

Tip 6: Add Boots or a Heel

If you search for an outfit that will help you look slimmer and taller, one of the best options is to wear flared jeans with a pair of ankle boots or heels. The extra height from the heel will instantly give you a slightly taller appearance. In addition, both heels and boots draw attention down toward your feet, creating a long leg line.

Tip 7: Layer It Up

Try layering if you want to add a trendy and stylish element to your outfit. For example, a simple white western top for women with a pair of jeans and heeled boots is the perfect look for petite women who don’t want to sacrifice their sense of style to find jeans that suit them perfectly.

Tip 8: Add a Statement Piece

Adding statement pieces to your outfit is a great way to bring attention away from the bottom of your pants and up to your face instead. For example, you can try wearing a girl denim jacket with your jeans since they are usually darker in color than the rest of your outfit. Instead, opt for those that will draw attention toward your face and away from your lower half.

Tip 9: Don’t Fear the Pattern

Plaid and other brightly colored patterns are a great way to incorporate style into your outfit while maintaining a sense of proportion. These styles can be intimidating, but if worn correctly, they can help create an hourglass figure that is more balanced and proportionate. 

Tip 10: Add a Scarf

If you are petite, wearing scarves is an excellent way to add extra style to your look. You can tie it around the waist, make a loop with its end, or drape it across your shoulders. Also, the scarf serves as a great accessory that will draw attention upward toward your face rather than down toward your legs.

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Wrap up

Flare leg jeans can appear proportionate on petite women, but only if you find the right fit. As flared jeans were designed with women in mind who love stylish clothes while maintaining their sense of taste and humility. With that in mind, no matter your body type, flare jeans are bound to fit you right. 

But, make sure that your pants aren’t too loose around the waist and thighs, as this will make you look shorter and wider than necessary. The best way to avoid unflattering flares is to stick with darker washes in smaller styles. Add some extra accessories from women’s clothing online boutiques to complete your look and draw attention away from the bottom of your pants. Lastly, don’t be afraid to play around with different styles until you find a suitable pair that flatters your petite figure.