The specialty food is a different type of food that is made with the help of high-quality ingredients. It is considered as a very high-quality food. Generally the cost of specialty food is higher than non-specialty food. It is becoming very important for many organizations to promote the specialty food by using the online and offline mediums.

In the USA alone, many government and private agencies supervise and operate the specialty food market. In 2021, the Specialty Food industry hit the market share of $175 billion. The finest quality ingredients are of many types – acidulant, colors, flavors, enzymes, emulsifiers & preservatives etc. All of these ingredients increase the taste, affordability and sustainability.

There are many fine quality ingredients used to make these specialty food items, in which Agar Agar is one of the most important ingredients. Agar Agar is used as a gelling and thickening agent which is used to cook the vegetable dishes without the help of any artificial compounds.  

Generally Agar Agar is created from seaweed and a substitute of gelatin. It is generally used in desserts, jellies and ice creams. Agar Agar is used as an alternative of gelatin in the Specialty Food industry. As a gelling agent, Agar Agar is used to make the jellies sweet. These jellies are mainly used in making vegetable soups and other recipes. 

Muslims also use it during the month of Ramzan. The Agar jelly pudding is used to keep a human body cool. It is made with a mix of coconut milk, sugar and water. Agar Agar can also be used for baking purposes because of being gluten-free.    

Agar Agar is also used as a thickening agent in jems, jellies, custard and vegetable soups. A very specific property of this organic substance is that it has no taste, smell and color but still it has many commercial and industrial uses.  

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