Are you tired of your meager salary? Do you want to multiply your income with the same, or even less, amount of effort? Do you want to see the world? Then it’ s time for you to find a job abroad.

This is a logical option because not everyone is built for business. Not everyone has the guts and grit to take this path. Most people are trained to be and are happy to stay as employees. Maybe you are happy being an employee.

You work hard and smart. You put 100% effort into everything you do and you never stop enhancing your skills. You simply want the salary that you deserve because you’ re good at what you do and you know that you can offer more. Unfortunately, your local employer can’ t reward you justly.

Either there is a cap in their pay plan or there is no more ladder to climb. Maybe the work culture or environment is toxic. Time to find greener pastures. You want higher pay, work-life balance, better living conditions, and a brighter future for the generations next to you.

Why not? Go ahead and apply for a job abroad. Make sure your passport is valid, you have an approved visa, and you are all set for this new chapter of your life.

Here are eight tips to remember when you land a job abroad.


Follow the Rules

Like every hotel has house rules, every country has its laws too. Some of them are unique and you may need some getting used to. For example, it might feel awkward in the beginning to experience right-hand driving when you come from a left-hand driving country.

Likewise, there may be traditions and customs that you may find weird. But don’ t worry. All you need to do is blend in. Learn by asking the locals or your friends who have been living there for a while now. Of course, your friend Google is always a few types away to give you answers.

You don’ t need to worry much about following the rules. Chances are, as long as you remain a good citizen, you will not encounter any trouble with the authorities.

When you are drunk, don’ t drive. Stop when the traffic light is red and go when it is green. Ask nicely and give thanks plenty.


Do Your Thing

Unless you consider your job your passion in life, you may want to do something else.

It’ s that one thing that resonates within you. It’ s something that excites you to do every day. Whatever that is, do it. For example, you may have a desk job, and you also have a beautiful voice. Sing, vlog or host an event when you’ re out of your workstation.

If you love the water, go to the beach and have fun. Learn how to swim and see the wondrous world beneath the ocean. If you love animals, get your pet, become a veterinarian, or rescue mistreated animals. Create a website or a YouTube channel and discuss and share your knowledge about raw feeding and pet nutrition.

Share your passion with the world. Your passion is your gift from the heavens. You have to let others see what you are passionate about. This will entertain and inspire them. Keep doing it because it will make you feel alive. Who knows, someday, you don’ t need your desk job anymore. That is because you are already earning from that one thing that you love to do the most.


Enjoy Life

Make this one your self-imposed rule – enjoy life. You’ re there to work hard (and smart) so you can save and invest money faster, buy your wants and provide for the needs of your loved ones. However, don’ t get overworked that you forget to live. Enjoy the fact that you are breathing. Appreciate nature and the strangers you meet along the way. Smile and relax. Find time to take things slow. Connect with your loved ones.

After all, one significant determinant of longevity is integration into a community. It means you have your family, friends, neighbors, and support groups whom you can always talk to, rely on, and offer your help. n

Yes, a healthy diet adds to longevity. The same is true with regular exercise. But, social or community belongingness ranks as the most significant determinant of getting old healthily. The saying, “No man is an island,” holds.


Be True to Yourself

Yes, you blend it and follow the rules. Yes, you integrate with the community and experience a sense of belongingness. However, never forget who and what you are.

As you work abroad, neither hesitate nor be afraid to show them your true colors. Show them your creative side, your weird side, your annoying side, and your adventurous personality.

Stay true to yourself. You will hit two birds with one stone. For one, people will appreciate and like you for sharing with them your real self. And for another, you will feel free, light, and happy.


Save Some Money

If you’ re coming from a third-world country, you know that one of your hopes for landing a job abroad is this: “If only I can find a job abroad, I would be able to save a lot of money in a short time.”

That is why getting a job abroad is an answered prayer and a big blessing.

The amount of money you save depends on you. It could be 10% of your net salary, 20%, 30%, or more. The higher, the better. Calculate your spending & payables to determine how much you can save without getting short for your necessities. Nevertheless, save 10% at the very least.

As you become wiser, you can allot more to your savings fund. Salaries don’ t increase fast, but you can improve your finances quickly.

Here’ s how you save. It’ s a simple three-step process.

  1. Receive income.
  2. Save money.
  3. Spend (or invest) what’ s left.

It’ s a no-brainer. It’ s easy to follow. Unfortunately, it’ s the ease of doing it that most people use as an excuse for not saving.

Here is the not-so-secret strategy to make sure your savings remain safe (mostly safe from your spending hands).

save money online

Create an online or virtual savings account. Transfer money from your salary account. Go for the automatic debit feature. You schedule a certain day of the month for the system to transfer a specific amount from your salary account to your savings account. For example, schedule the transfer on the same day of pay crediting. Then, simply make it a monthly recurring thing.

Set it up once and forget it. This way, you will surely save money, 101%.

Do that because people tend to go all out and spend their freshly served salary by eating at fancy restaurants, buying coffee at Starbucks, and whatnot. Don’ t be like that. Be intelligent with your income.

However, even if you do want to spend for your happiness (you deserve it anyway and you have worked for it), at least you have already protected your savings by way of the automatic debit feature.


Invest in a Property

After a few years of saving up, you can buy a property in your home country. The type of property depends on your preference and the current market conditions. Either you buy it for personal use or you rent it out.

You can buy a house for yourself or your family. It’ s fulfilling and rewarding to own a house. Having a house you can call home is a dream for many people.

You can buy an empty lot and build a house on it. Or you can purchase a finished house, a condominium unit, an apartment, or farmland. Improve the property and in the future, you can always resell it for profit and invest again in another property.

The beauty here is that if you succeed in making money out of your properties, you could just be able to resign from your job and focus on doing the things you love.

Read the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad if you haven’ t already.


Learn the Language

This is optional. But learning a foreign language, even just for the sake of basic conversations, has its perks. For one, you can talk to the locals with ease. Asking for directions will get easier too once you know the language. Plus, the locals will be happy that you took the time to learn their language. You will feel more integrated into the community.

Learning a new language is always a plus. It boosts your confidence and it’ s a plus when you decide to find another job later. Some companies will pay a premium if an applicant knows the language they are looking for.


Create a Blog or Vlog

Now is the best time to become a blogger or vlogger more than ever. You can start by simply documenting your life adventures, hobbies, and thoughts on things. With persistence and consistency in posting your articles or publishing your videos, you may eventually unlock some income possibilities.

Say hello to brand collaborations, subscribers, affiliate marketing, link building, and many other earning methods.


Last Lines

The pandemic is over. Nothing will hold you back now from packing up and taking flight. This is the best time to work abroad. If you’ re having second thoughts, answer these questions. Do you want to quadruple your income? Do you want a better life? Do you want to save and invest faster? Do you want to see the world? Only you know the answers to that. Remember, your life could change for the better if you want to.