India Has A Long History Of Traditional Wear. Kurti Is Deeply Involved In India Ladies Wear Where Every Woman Has Adapted The Patterns Of Western Culture. India Is A Complex Market Where Customer Demands Make A New Trend In The Market

If You Are Looking For Some Trending Wear Fashion Trends In Kurtis To Follow, Here Are Few Back-Neck Designs For You Which Is Going To Grab A Lot Of Attention For You.


1.Circular Cut Kurti


Circular Cut Is One Of The Most Regularly Used Designs; This Style Keeps On Emerging Each And Every Year, Depending On The Trend Fashion Brings In.

The Circular Cut Is Mostly Seen In Bollywood Movies Where Hot Actress Wears Back Neck Designs Kurti For His Husband.
This Kurti Can Be Used In Occasional Or Festival Days Its More Like Night Or Evening Wear Look.

2.The Intersection

Intersection Patterns Are Amazing Ones Where You Might Have Seen This In India Desi Series Were Newly Married Women Like To Wear It. This Criss-Cross Pattern Design Has Inspired Many Western Wear Forms Of Clothing In India.

Creating An Interesting Pattern, The Criss-Cross Pattern Is A Design That Has Inspired Many Western Wear Forms Of Clothing.

Although, This Design Can Be Seen In Several Pieces Which Intersect With Each Other, Here Used To Create Color Blocks And Adding On Texture Into The Garment, This Is Sure Going To Grab A Lot Of Attention In The Crowd.


3. The Printed Patch

This Some Another Widely Used Design In India Culture Is Of Adding A Printed Piece In Kurtis.
In Other Words, Printed Kurtis Are An Attractive Look With A Hairstyle That Can Make You Flaunt. Also, This Type Of Printed Helps You In Creating A Better Fit For Your Shoulder And Makes You Feel More Comfortable.
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4. The Knot

Knot Kurtis Are Inspired By India Saree Blouses. This Trend Came Into The Kurti Section Of Clothing To Add Dark Shape. Add Texture To The Deeper Back Neck.
Kurtis Gold The Side Of Kurta Which Makes It Easy For Women To Carry It.

What Makes This Design Widely Used Is The Texture Which Is A Mix Design That Makes This So Popular.

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5. Boat Neck


The Boat Neck Pattern Keeps Cut Close To The Neck Which Provides A Gap In Front And Back In Kurti. This Pattern Is Simple Or An Adorned One, It Also Depends On What Type Kurti/Kurta Is But In The Majority Of Part Its For Casual Clothing.

Along With This, The Boat Neck Is Providing Comfort, And This Pattern Is Making An Excellent Choice To Create A Gorgeous Look


6. Halter Neck

This New Trend Is Inspired By The Hollywood Movie, This Halter Neck Is Not Only Loved By The Western Country, But It Is Loved All Over The Country.
However, This Pattern Is Also Called As Backless. In Addition, This Design Can Make Other People Head Turn And Make You Like The Real Diva Which You Are!


7. The Leaf Pattern


The Leaf Pattern Is A Very New And Simple & Clean Look. Also, There Are Different Versions Of The Leaf Pattern And Which Are Added To The Back-Neck Pattern. As Ready-Made Garments Are Increasing In The Market, You Should Find The Piece That You Were Looking For.


8.  Long Back V Shape Kurti


This Pattern Is Totally Inspired By A Western Country. The V Shape Consists Of A Knot But A Wider Neckline For The Front Of The Garment.
Here You Should Choose A Pastel Color With A Minimum Number Of Texture And Create An Elegant Design By Just Adding On This Pattern To Your Collection.

A Combination Of A Boat Neck Pattern, This Deep V Back Consists Of No Knot But A Wider Neckline For The Front Of The Garment. Along With It, This Design Is Best Appreciated When Made A Part Of Solid And Subtly Embellished Kurtis.

Therefore, Choose The Best Wholesale Long Kurtis Pastel Color With Minimum Texture And Create A Chic Design By Adding On This Pattern To Your Collection.
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