If you have always been interested in beauty and usually keep up with the newest trends and novelties that are taking the world by storm, turning your interest into a full-fledged career is anything but unrealistic. The beauty sector offers countless possibilities; it’s an industry, where the demand is high and ever-changing, and there is always room for new talent who knows what they want. Here are 9 promising beauty career options.

Open your hair salon

Hair salons will never go out of business. Everyone needs a haircut from time to time, and most people regularly visit salons for a good variety of other treatments as well. You can begin your career as a hairstylist, working in someone else’s salon, and in due time, perhaps open your own! To become a hairdresser or hairstylist, you will usually need to complete a licensed course. You can also seek out apprenticeships near you to get hands-on experience. 

Start vlogging or blogging

The internet provides lots of money-making opportunities to those who know how to leverage them. As content continues to be the most valuable asset in the online world, those who can create compelling and engaging pieces of media have the potential to turn this into a career. While blogging and vlogging may seem like a pastime, they are huge industries at the moment. If you have anything valuable to share—makeup tips, professional know-how, experiences with beauty treatments—you can build a following. It takes time to get established, but once you are, sponsorships and ads can be a great stream of revenue.

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Get into handmade goods

Handmade products have been basking in great popularity recently, as more and more people are reluctant to support great corporations—for ecological or other reasons. Small businesses that provide their own brand of handmade cosmetics are popping up left and right. From soaps and bath products to lotions, scrubs, face masks, lip balms, and hair treatments, a wide range of beauty products can be made at home, with natural ingredients. While capitalizing on these will have a learning curve for sure, this kind of business can give you great creative freedom in realizing your dream brand.

Set up a nail salon

If rather than a chemist, you are an artist, getting a nail tech license may be what will help you fulfill your ambitions in the beauty industry. A nail tech license gives you a lot of opportunities: you can start working at a salon, freelance and find your own clientele, or even open your own salon and start building a business. Needless to say, this job is not as easy as it may seem. Realizing elaborate designs your clients have dreamt up is challenging, and you’ll need plenty of practice before you’ll feel confident.

Go mobile

We have already talked about a number of services you can offer at a salon or freelance. If you’re going for the latter option, making your services “mobile” can be a great selling point. Some people don’t have the opportunity to leave their homes, others may find it difficult to fit a trip to a salon into their schedules. Catering to their needs by becoming a mobile hairdresser, mobile nail tech, or mobile esthetician, in general, gives you a lot of flexibility and you don’t have to worry that you’ll get bored of your workplace. Pack up your equipment and make house calls!

Retail beauty products

Even if you’d rather leverage your business skills than work directly with clients, there are still plenty of beauty-related career options at your disposal. For instance, you could open a beauty supply store—brick-and-mortar or online—and resell a carefully curated collection of products. Opening any kind of store naturally comes with a lot of preparation. You’ll need to research what the local customer base truly needs and lacks access to in order to get the most out of your beauty shop. However, managing to find an under-served niche will make this a lucrative career endeavor.

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Become a makeup artist

Of course, we mustn’t fail to mention another lucrative career option that is in the heart of the beauty industry: the profession of a makeup artist. If you have always been good at doing your own makeup and often take on this task for your friends and family, perhaps it’s time to turn these skills into a career. Naturally, you’ll need to get the appropriate qualifications before you can start marketing yourself. If you’re living in Australia, look up professional beauty courses in Perth and learn from experienced instructors. 

Venture into permanent makeup

It is undeniable that few people have time for elaborate makeup sessions every day, which is why the popularity of permanent and semi-permanent makeup solutions is so high nowadays. From eyebrow microblading through lip pigments to lash extensions, there are many treatments available today that improve people’s “no-makeup” look effortlessly. In fact, permanent makeup can even hide scars. If you’re interested in exploring this territory, you’ll most likely need to study cosmetic tattooing first.

Leverage your own beauty!

Finally, if you have received comments saying you look like a model all your life, this is also a career option you can consider. While the modeling world is harsh, you don’t necessarily have to think about the extremes you would see on America’s Next Top Model. Start your modeling career modestly by working for small businesses to get a taste of it. Build your portfolio and you’ll move closer to becoming a brand ambassador.


The beauty industry undoubtedly offers lots of opportunities. And while the competition is fierce, the demand is certainly high. Pick one of these career options and start working towards it today!