Planning your maintenance is essential to keeping your security roller shutters in good working order. Professional upkeep extends the usefulness of your system and keeps your shutters safe and in good shape.

Regular maintenance enables the early detection of any issues. This helps prevent the need for more costly emergency repairs in the event of a breakdown. Roller Shutter Repair In London is offered professionally by shutterepair around the country.

Benefits of regular roller shutter maintenance

  • Regular maintenance helps prevent the sudden loss of money that results from a broken security shutter that prevents people from entering your property.
  • A service engineer can find any abnormal wear and tear or damage to your roller shutter during maintenance visits. You can prevent having to make emergency repairs by finding possible problems early on.
  • Your security roller shutters’ life is considerably increased by routine professional maintenance.
  • Preventing potentially dangerous situations requires routine maintenance.
  • By performing routine planned maintenance, you comply with your legal obligations to maintain the integrity of your roller shutters.

Legal requirements for building owners

Building owners are obligated by law to keep their property’s security roller shutters in top condition. These standards are outlined in the following regulations:

  • Regulation 5 of The Provision & Use of Regulations on Work Equipment 1998
  • Regulation 5 of the Workplace (Health, Safety, and Welfare) Regulations, 1992
  • Fire Safety Regulatory Reform Order of 2005

Record of roller shutter maintenance

Also, you are required to keep a documented record of all roller shutter maintenance and repairs. With every new installation of roller shutters and doors, shutterepair gives you a maintenance logbook to help you comply with the legal requirements for your shutters and doors. We also save a duplicate of every job finished for our company administration in compliance with the Door and Hardware Federation’s Code of Best Practice.

The best maintenance is planned maintenance

The shutterepair Maintenance & Repair team follows the Door and Hardware Federation’s Code of Best Practice for the maintenance and repair of commercial and industrial doors. so that we can:

  • Through our ISO accreditation, have a quality management system in place.
  • Provide evidence of an internal audit trail.
  • Our employees have received pertinent training.
  • We have a sufficient amount of insurance as a company.

Additional information

Contact Shopfronts in London to set up a yearly maintenance schedule for your roller shutters and doors. You can contact us if you need roller shutter repair or maintenance.

Roller-shutter repair

Along with routine maintenance, we can help you if an unexpected problem with your roller shutter arises. See emergency roller shutter repairs in London for further information.