Excess body fat damages a person’s health and causes obesity, a chronic condition. These include:

high blood pressure

heart disease




some cancers

A person who is obese may find it challenging to do basic physical tasks and jobs. Physiotherapy in Burnaby, BC can help people in managing weight.

1-Why do people gain weight?

Among the causes are:

Diet: Your weight is significantly influenced by the quantity and quality of the food you consume.

Lack of exercise: Exercise is crucial for maintaining a healthy weight and general well-being.

Sleep: Research has shown there is a connection between the amount of sleep you get and your weight. Adults and children who sleep less and improperly tend to weigh more than those who do.

2- The importance of weight management

Confidence, emotions, self-esteem, mental health, and physical health are all negatively impacted by being overweight.

Losing weight positively affects all facets of your well-being, not just your physical look and beauty.

Numerous aspects, most of which are physical but some of which are mental and emotional, are connected to the significance of weight management.

You can start getting physiotherapy in Burnaby as an initial step to reducing excessive body fat.

3-How can Physiotherapy aid with weight loss?

You can receive holistic care from physiotherapy in Burnaby, enhancing well-being and eliminating potential problems. Physiotherapy has been shown to assist with weight loss, excess weight management, and staying on track with fitness objectives. Your mobility will undoubtedly increase once the function is restored or the same muscles are exercised more effectively.

In Conclusion

Movement is a speciality of physical therapists. They aid in the quality of life by providing direct care, patient education, and exercise in making recommendations. At any age, physical activity can enhance both physical and mental health. Additionally, physiotherapy in Burnaby can help obese people get healthier.

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