How To Write A Descriptive Essay?

A descriptive essay is the most prevalent type of essay writing. They are based on the personal views of the author. High school students most often go for a descriptive essay as this essay style allows the student to think broadly.

However, this type of essay doesn’t require a lot of research into the writing process. Instead, it allows you to describe your thoughts in your way.

A descriptive essay is very similar to a descriptive essay as it describes the sense of smell, touch, taste, hearing, and sight through words. In addition, a descriptive essay provides an in-depth description of an event, place or event.

What is descriptive writing?

In descriptive writing, the writer has to use their sensory details and create a picture of things, places, or events and represent it with the help of words. In this genre of writing, the writer has complete freedom to use their artistic freedom and paint a vivid image of the chosen topic.

What is the purpose of descriptive writing?

The main purpose of descriptive writing is as follows.

It is used to inform the reader regarding something, such as an event, place, person, subject, and object.
The purpose of the description is to share an experience.
This reports on something.
It entertains the reader.

Guidelines for writing a descriptive essay.

Below are the guidelines for writing a descriptive essay.

Do brainstorming to get ideas.
Use vivid language.
Use a clear and consistent tone.
Use all your senses.
Give a clear impression to the reader.
Explain what you were thinking.
Stay organized.

Five major steps of creating a descriptive essay.

The five main steps that a writer must follow while creating descriptive writing are as follows.

Editing and proofreading
Submitting or publishing

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