Vests are definitely one of the most essential garments in a man’s wardrobe. They are meticulously designed to conquer problems like sweat, deodorant stains and provide an extra layer of warmth underneath shirts/t-shirts. Also known as undershirts, it is quite an integral undergarment for the upper body. Good quality vests are meant to be super soft, stretchable, and highly absorbent to beat the sweat. We now have a variety of vests available like sleeveless, half-sleeves ones, full-sleeve coverage and even woolen vests which are excellent for the colder months. A detailed in sight on the same is given in the article below.

A very important fact to be noted is that few centuries ago inner vests were not even relevant as a sensible undergarment. In fact, in the 15th century, only the noble class of people wore the vest. Back then, it was deliberately worn as a defense layer of apparel that protected the expensive outer clothing from sticking to the body. Whereas, the other class of people wore just one layer of clothing which was mostly a shirt. During the olden times the prices of undergarment fabrics were costly and difficult for the common man to afford.

Coming to the 19th century, the US military separated the union suit into upper wear and lower wear. The upper wear was mostly designed to draw off moisture. Gradually the upper wear evolved into sleeveless undershirts and thus we now know ‘Vests’.


Why is the vest a necessary undergarment?

Vests are not just a piece of clothing covering the upper body. They are a very practical inner-garment. They are accurately designed to tackle the daily struggles that come in the way. Let’s take a deeper dive and know why good quality vests are a must-have:

  1. Vests are made with quality modal or cotton fabric, which makes it highly breathable. It prevents all the sweat related discomfort.
  2. Vests are a multi-season undergarment. Especially during the winters they act as effective insulators and provide extra warmth on the inside.
  3. It avoids sweat and deodorant stains by acting as a middle layer between your skin and the outer dress.
  4. The simple-looking vests can be styled fashionably during summers. Brownie points for that!
  5. Vests make your clothes look well-fitted and give you a finished look.
  6. Vests prevent the outer apparel from appearing as see-through.


Different Types of Inner Vest for Men

Unlike the previous times, vests now are a feasible choice for everyone. And guess what? You get a variety of inner vests to choose from! Yes, vests now come in a variety. For every mood, occasion and outfit, you get to choose the right vest.

So how do you choose the right one? Don’t you think you ought to have some “vests knowledge”? In this guide, we will be going through the different types of men’s vests and how you can wear them.


    1. Sleeveless Vests

Vests manufactured without sleeves are called sleeveless vests. It is the most regular form of undershirt. These sleeveless vests are breathable and ultra-soft made with combed cotton or modal fabric. Moreover, this type of vest is an ideal choice for most men as they are made to fit different body types. They have large U-neck holes and armholes which make them easily wearable. They effectively protect one from sweat and heat.

Wear them in: Sleeveless vests or tank tops can be worn under a shirt or even a t-shirt. Make sure to button up your shirt up to the neckline of the sleeveless vest. Sleeveless vests are great inners for translucent or see- through shirts too. Sometimes, you can wear sleeveless vests as nightwear especially in the hot and humid summer nights.


  1. Square Neck Vests

Square Neck vests exist to add a bit of kink to the simple and regular vests. They are stylish and have broad shoulders. They give the body a much-defined look. Square Neck vests are the same as sleeveless vests. They too are quite comfortable, breathable, and perfectly fitted. The look and fit of square neck vests make them stand out among the different types of undershirts. Also, they look amazing on muscular bodies.

Wear them in: They can comfortably be worn under a shirt or t-shirts. Follow the same rules as sleeveless vests. Although there does exist a category of athletic vests, stretchable square neck vests too can be worn during any sporty activities. It is even appropriate for the gym-goers for their summer or outdoor activities.


  1. V-neck Vests

This undershirt is one of the best men’s vests. The reason behind this is their v-neck. It makes the neckline extra spacious. The depth of the V-neck differs. It provides less opportunity for the undergarment to peep out of your shirt or t-shirt. Moreover, they act as the perfect middle layer in your dress-up. V-neck vests effectively wick the moisture and provide comfort all day. Men can make the most of the v-neck vests by casually styling them.

Wear them in: V-neck vests are a suitable choice if you prefer to leave the first few buttons of your shirt open. This type of vest top can be worn in all types of upper-body garments. There are rules too if you wish to exclusively style your v-neck vest for a casual meet-up or a vacation. Well, to avoid white or black-colored v-neck vests is the only rule. Go for pop colors and don on a thin shirt fully unbuttoned.


  1. Crew Neck Vests

They look like t-shirts and can be worn as one also. Crew neck vests have half sleeves and high necklines. One can wear it as a t-shirt if they have a good physique. This type of men’s vest may not be a universal choice. It depends on the individual’s personal choice and preference to choose the right type of garment.  The texture of the vest, is very soft and comfortable. The sweat absorbency is impressively high as they have more coverage than other types of vests. As a result, they keep you cool throughout the day.

Wear them in: If you wear a crew neck vest under a shirt then you need to button it right up to the collar. Moreover, some factors revolve around styling a crew neck vest. Think about the quality, color, and fit of the vest. If you believe that the vest meets the surrounding factors then style at your will. Pair it up with a jacket or a slim shirt. Thrive on it!


  1. Long sleeve vests

Accompanied by extra insulation, the long sleeve vests are different from other types of vests. They have long sleeves that make them ideal for cold weather. However, it meets all the qualities of an undershirt. Good quality long sleeve vests are soft, comfortable, and breathable. These types of vests may or may not have two-three buttons in the front. It’s there to prevent one from sweltering.

Wear them in: Long sleeve vests may not be all-season friendly. They are great for winters. As vests, they can be worn with full sleeve shirts, t-shirts, and sleeveless jackets. But most men ditch outer apparel. You can choose to wear long-sleeve vests with denim jeans and still look cool!


  1. Athletic Vests

The best part about athletic vests is that they are meant to be worn as stand-alone. By their name, you know their purpose! That is to let you burn those calories unhindered. The athletic vests are designed as moisture-wicking, supremely stretchable, and agile undergarments. Gym vestsJog vests, etc all fall under the athletic vests umbrella.

Wear them in: Athletic vests are solely made for workout sessions. Pair them with any track pants and you are all set to go! These types of vests are not the best choice to wear under formal or casual clothing.


Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing a Vest

What’s a guide without dos and don’ts? Before choosing a vest, focus on these pointers. These will help to pick the perfect vest for you:

  1. Do pick the right color

Vests do not necessarily mean white or black. Gone are the days of wearing a classic white “banian”. Vests now come in different colors. So pick the ones that will match the color of your shirt or t-shirt.

  1. Don’t pick t-shirts instead of vests

Believe it or not! People do confuse vests to be t-shirts. Buyers especially end up paying for half-sleeve t-shirts thinking it to be crew-neck vests. The obvious difference between vests and t-shirts is that vests are thinner.

  1. Do pick fitting vests

Vests are not supposed to be loose. They are meant to give you a close fit. Wrong-sized men’s vests make your clothes look ill-fitted. It makes you feel highly uncomfortable and constricts your movement.

  1. Don’t show off your vests

Showing off your vests is the biggest fashion blunder any man can do. Revealing vests from an unbuttoned shirt or the visibility of vest lining underneath the shirt, all are a strict no-no. Therefore, it is advisable to go for v-neck vests.


Your takeaway

The best inner vest for men totally depends on one’s body type and sense of fashion. The right vests however are determined by their look and comfort. Men do ditch vests sometimes but cannot do it always. It is a pivotal undergarment that strongly advocates standard coverage, hygiene, and comfort. Hence, vests are essential in a man’s wardrobe as much as the underwear.