Dr Hemant Barua is one among the top 10 astrologer in India with an experience of over 23 years in this field. He has helped thousands of people from all over the world and many famous people like Bollywood stars, politicians & spokespersons in finding their answers through Vedic Astrology and analyzing planetary positions with other facets of Astrology as well. He is known for his accurate predictions about Kundli and other related matters. Positive energy is used to create miracles in your life and Dr Hemant Barua will help you to get desired results with his positive energy and his vast knowledge!

His popularity as the best Jyotish in India is primarily derived from his fundamental intent to help individuals achieve their goals by using their nativities as well as other planetary influences on them during their lifetime so that they can live happily ever after!

Dr Hemant Barua has a doctorate in astrology and has been bestowed with numerous accolades. The recent prominent among them are ‘Best Astrologer in India- Star Achievers Awards 2022’, Global Best Astrologer Award 2022, Global Srestham Award 2021, and The International Jyotish Ratna Award 2021.

One of his notable works in Vedic Astrology is the ‘Trimayasha Technique of Remedy’. This is a very effective remedy which helps in determining the root cause of the problem. Earlier, it took days to come up with the solution, but with Barua’s ‘Trimayasha Technique of Remedy’ the Trimayasha code can be computed in just a day!

How to consult?

If you are looking for the best astrologer to consult to resolve your issues, look no further than Dr Hemant Barua. Dr Hemant Barua is an expert in providing accurate predictions about Kundli and other planetary positions through Vedic Astrology and 90% of his client base includes those who have contacted him through references.

You can directly visit his website www.planetsnhouses.com and confirm your booking or directly contact through WhatsApp at +91 9773959523. You can have either a video or telephonic consultation in Hindi or English.

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