Want to increase your sales and revenue?

In this case, simple and popular websites/apps will not work. According to the report, 48% of people consider website layout to determine brand credibility.

Therefore, in addition to traditional Javascript and HTML techniques, you should hire dedicated MERN stack developer to design your custom web application.

MERN stack developers can provide their business with a competitive advantage. Create dynamic websites and applications using multiple frameworks, libraries or databases.

I wonder who the MERN stack developer is and why should I hire him. Read this article to understand why using the MERN development stack is important for your digital business.

Who is the MERN Stack developer?

The MERN stack is a skilled developer who can handle front-end and back-end operations. These developers are trained in four advanced development technologies to customize your web solutions with dynamic interfaces and features such as:

  • MongoDB is an open source document-based database.
  • ExpressJS is a Node.js web framework that helps you develop fast web applications.
  • ReactJS is a front-end JavaScript library for creating custom user interfaces.
  • js runs on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine and brings JavaScript to the server.
  • MERN Stack Developer helps you design and develop innovative web applications using a three-tier plan, including:

Front-end rendering layer (React.js)

Application Tier (Express.js and Node.js)

Database level (MongoDB)

Moreover, if you hire a MERN stack developer, you can design futuristic websites and applications. Since most applications these days are developed using JavaScript, technology companies need to hire skilled developers who can use the latest development technologies.

Why hire MERN Stack developers?

According to W3Techs, 97.6% of websites on the Internet are developed in JavaScript. In fact, most of the websites you use, such as Google, Facebook, and YouTube, are also built in JavaScript.

Additionally, JavaScript is essential for building gaming applications, artificial intelligence, and machine learning websites. So it won’t be wrong to say that JavaScript is the future of web development.

So you need to hire a dedicated MERN stack developer to manage your JavaScript. In addition, the MERN development team can help:

Save development time

MERN stack developers are proficient in four JavaScript languages ​​and are proficient enough to handle foreground and background operations. Therefore, a full-stack developer can finish his project faster because he can manage the different phases of development.


Hiring a MERN developer is more economical than hiring separate people to handle interface, design, and database operations. Additionally, MERN’s developer can work on the backend and frontend. This way you get a knowledgeable person to carry out your project from start to finish. It is not necessary to employ another developer with MERN expertise.