Laparoscopic hernia surgery is done with a thin laparoscope that gets inserted by making a small incision in the belly button. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Below, the best hernia surgeon in Nashik discusses the advantages of laparoscopic hernia surgery.

Advantages of getting laparoscopic hernia surgery by best hernia surgeon in Nashik

As per a laparoscopic hernia surgeon, a laparoscopic hernia surgery is painless after which a person can get back to their routine life. Some of the advantages of laparoscopic hernia surgery are as follows.

●        Small incisions instead of large ones

In comparison to an open hernia surgery that makes large incisions, laparoscopic hernia surgery makes a few small incisions, says a laparoscopic hernia surgery specialist in Nashik. This results in less scarring.

●        A short recovery time

As laparoscopic hernia surgery is minimally invasive, it causes less discomfort and swelling than open hernia surgery. This further reduces the risks of abdominal wall trauma that can otherwise cause post-operative complications. Due to this, a laparoscopic hernia surgery has a faster time of recovery than an open hernia surgery.

●        Less pain

Because of the short recovery time and fewer surgical incisions, the patient experiences less pain during the time of the wound healing as well as at the time of the laparoscopic hernia surgery.

●        Minimal blood loss

There are a lot of cuts and incisions that are made during open hernia surgery. It can cause a lot of blood loss. On the contrary, due to a shorter number of incisions, a laparoscopic hernia surgery results in minimal blood loss, says a hernia doctor in Nashik.

Who can get laparoscopic hernia surgery?

Bilateral inguinal hernias and recurrent inguinal hernias are better treated with laparoscopic hernia surgery. People who are young and physically active can get laparoscopic hernia surgery. Men who have undergone prostate surgery and women who have had a C-section or hysterectomy must not get laparoscopic hernia surgery.

We have discussed above all the advantages of laparoscopic hernia surgery. If you have a hernia, you can consult with your doctor to know if laparoscopic hernia surgery will be the best course of treatment for you.