Everybody once in their lifetime has imagined their dream house. A house built with their own money, hard work, and expectations. But do you ever think of renting an apartment rather than buying it? That may not be a good idea in long run but in short term, it is totally worth it!

If you want to rent an apartment in oakland ca, let’s figure out what are the pros for it.

Reasons to Go For Renting

Both renting and buying have their own pros and cons but this article especially highlights the advantage you can get in renting a house.


In renting a house there will be no cost of maintenance from your side. For all maintenance, improvement, and repairs stuff the responsibility directly goes to the landlord.

Accessibility to amenities-

In renting you can have access to all the amenities at a very low price. For a landlord, they will cost expensive but for you, they will be very cheap. So at a low price, you can get advantages of the expensive stuff.


Renting provides you the freedom to explore more and more. You can easily change a rented house whenever you want and go for some better place elsewhere. It gives you the benefit to live wherever you want.

Less time-consuming-

If you rent a house then more than half of the responsibility of the house will belong to the owner of the house so you will have more free time to focus on other stuff besides your house.

No taxes and downpayments-

In renting all you need to stress about is giving rent that is also fixed. There is no burden for taxes and downpayments.

Less Risky-

In renting there you don’t have to invest more so less chance of risks. Also, you don’t have to think of stuff like a market crash or a decrease in rates.

Wrapping up-

Having your own house is definitely great but renting one is not any less. For a short span of time, you can always choose to rent and have all the advantages which you may not have in buying a house. Raj Properties is among the leading rental property platforms which can help you if you want to rent an apartment.

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