Assuming that your public document has been issued or is intended to be used in a country where the Apostille Convention does not apply, such as Afghanistan, your document must be certified by the embassy. This method of authenticating public documents in Afghanistan is known as Afghanistan legalization. It consists of a string of individual authentications of the document.

Officials from the United States and the Embassy or Consulate of Afghanistan participate in this process. Due to the number of authorities involved, the legalization process is often slow, cumbersome, and costly.

To avoid these difficulties, we offer legalization services to companies, law firms, U.S. citizens, and foreigners for all documents used in Afghanistan and other countries.

We offer the Afghanistan Apostille service for documents issued by federal courts, federal agencies, state documents, and notarized documents whose authentication procedures vary from state to state. 

USLegalization specializes in the Express Legalization Service: Authentication of signatures of public officials on documents intended for use outside the United States of America. We can authenticate documents issued in any U.S. state.