Your overall practice routine for competing in a triathlon is quite strenuous for your body. sore muscles are kind of part of your daily life as triathletes but that doesn’t stop you from reaching your goals.

Unlike most professional biking events, triathlon cycling is different from most regular bicycle races, but the bike section is where the most time can be gained or lost. Due to its duration as well as its distance, it is the longest. Triathletes not only need to get faster on the bike but also learn to minimize the effect of cycling on their running. As a triathlete, while practicing you focus on actually riding your bike rather than intervals or taking longer rides, your goal is to maintain your power, duration, and speed.

Preparation For Cycling as A Triathlete:

Remember to eat appropriately before cycling as eating improperly or overeating can result in nausea or cramping posting cycling. Make sure to be hydrated because dehydration can cause nausea and headaches during your ride as well. Before starting your race or ride proper warm-up and stretch are important to avoid unnecessary injuries, it is very important to prepare your body before the race or practice session. Post-ride or race properly cooling down your body is required to avoid feeling lightheaded or imbalanced.

As a triathlete, you should make sure that the bike that you using fits you well and you are comfortable riding it so that was you are decreasing your chance of getting any injuries. Triathlon bikes employ a specialized geometry, including a steep seat-tube angle, to both improve aerodynamics and spare muscles for running. Endurance triathletes often cycle with a higher speed (revolutions per minute) at the end of the bike segment, which serves in part to keep the muscles loose and flexible for running.

Cycling injuries for triathletes:

As a cyclist works out, many muscles are activated, but the lower body is more worked, thus resulting in sore muscles. You can experience neck pain, back pain, pain in the kneecap, calf pain, hand, and leg cramping, etc All this pain is caused mostly due to over usage and lack of flexibility, by positional issues on the bike while riding.

Getting injured is one of the worst things that can happen to a triathlete apart from having to deal with the pain and the limited range of motion, it also consumes your precious time that could have been used for training. Recovery is one of the most important elements of preparing for a triathlon, while stretching helps in recovery, it is also important to schedule easy cycling workouts to flush out any excess lactic acid from the muscles, and maintain a protein-rich diet can be a great help for recovery. Immediate treatment and using the proper recovery tool like Best Muscle Pain Relief Cream can help you quickly recover the muscles.

Recovery for triathletes:

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