Ripped jeans are magic! Don’t you think? Be it millennials or the Gen-Z, choosing ripped jeans over anything from trendy women’s clothing is surely a common ground for them. 

Fashion experts usually recommend choosing the perfect jeans based on your body type, but ripped denim is a holy grail for everyone irrespective of their body. 

Wondering how ripped jeans can turn around millennial fashion? Well, with a dash of 20s vibe and a fresh Gen-Z approach, we have curated some amazing ripped jeans looks for you to try this year! 

Dresses and Ripped Jeans 

Apart from the monotonous dresses and heels, who knows mixing things up here and there can be a great way to create a fashion statement! 

Although it may sound bizarre, once you try it on, there is no going back. Tunic dresses would work wonders for this outfit idea. For this look, pair your tunic dress with ripped jeans and a matching belt. Go for Boho or pearl minimal jewelry sets to complement the overall outfit. You can also choose to tuck in the dress for an oversized look. Keep the millennial vibe alive by adding Y2K accessories and a full-glam makeup look. However, if you are wearing this during the day, choose minimal makeup with nude lip shades. Wear your hair into a bun or a high ponytail for a sporty 20s look. Wear ankle-length boots or sneakers and carry a shoulder or a sling bag to complete the look. 


Bodysuits are one of the best western tops for women. Why not? They are easy to carry and convenient. They give your body shape a uniformity which makes you a winner already. Wondering where you can wear them? Well, everywhere! Be it a brunch or at the club, with the right accessories you can turn this basic top into a perfect style statement. 

Pair this top with black ripped jeans from the trendiest online boutique USA. To complete the look, accessorize this ensemble with a statement belt, Boho jewelry, and ankle-length boots. You can choose not to add the belt, especially if you go for a denim jacket with the bodysuit. You can also choose block heels with this outfit. 

If you are planning a brunch, make sure to wear neutral glam makeup. On the contrary, a party look demands a full-coverage makeup look along with foxy eye makeup and red lip shades. Carry a tote bag or a chic baguette and go for a wavy hairdo. 

This can also be a great option during the winters. How? Well, just add a girl’s denim jacket into the mix if things get chilly. 

The girl next door

Millennials can surely relate to the girl next door trend! Be it from the Taylor Swift songs that you like or the teen drama movie you just adored back then, we surely take a trip down memory lane whenever we talk about the cute girl next door outfit looks. 

Besides choosing ripped jeans, you can stick to the authentic farm girl vibe by adding flare jeans women to the idea. This outfit is easy to style and a perfect option for everyday wear. To complete this outfit, you can tuck the top in to get a baggie vibe while adding some layered necklace and stud earrings. Boho jewelry sets are also a great choice for this look. In addition, go for a straight hairdo or a clean bun and choose ankle-length boots. Wear a glam no-makeup look with nude lip shades, trendy sunglasses to complete this look. 

The Party animal

Millennials are known for their party culture from the early 20s! Why should Gen-Z have all the fun? We have brought the party back with some amazing outfit ideas for you to try! 

Inspired by the 20s goddess Icona Pop, we have curated a fresh party look for you to pair with the trendiest ripped jeans. To begin with, pick a statement belt along with stiletto heels. Go for a wavy hairdo and or a messy bun. As for the makeup, choose bright colors and a dewy makeup look for this ensemble. Carry a shoulder bag or just fit your phone into the pockets and party hard! 

Cozy winter looks

Millennials and hoodies are a match made in heaven! We just cannot move on without giving out some ideas to style your hoodie this holiday season.

Keep it casual by styling this hoodie with a contrasting pair of ripped jeans; we suggest buying one with a bigger size to get a comfy chic look. Transform this duo into a style statement by accessorizing it with Boho or pearl jewelry sets. In addition, choose beach waves to curl along with a full-glam makeup with matte lip shades. As for footwear, sneakers or pump heels are some of the best choices to match the overall vibe. Carry a shoulder bag or a cute backup with this outfit and create a style statement. 

This is also a great back-to-school outfit option for you to try this season. 


Fashion is evergreen! And jeans are a big part of it. Don’t you agree ladies? Well, it doesn’t matter if you are a millennial or not, wearing the outfit you like with confidence is the actual goal. Be fearless, confident, and seize the day like the true queen you are!  For a whirlwind shopping experience, try trendy women’s clothing once and you will not regret it.