It has long been known that such a type of easily accessible style of presentation as an essay, for example in foreign countries, is used to evaluate the personality of the author, his feelings, the degree of originality of his thoughts, as well as the worldview of the person, use type my essay for me. The essay does not depend in any way on the amount of knowledge or on the subject matter, which makes it a kind of opposite of the long-known test.

The main purpose of the essay, is to move away from the framework, the predominance of association, over logic, or use site If you find it difficult to fit into the rigid framework of an essay, or into any given structure, the free essay form is for you.

The essay expresses the author’s individual impressions and considerations on a particular subject or subject and does not claim to be an exhaustive or defining interpretation of the topic. In terms of volume and function, it borders, on the one hand, on a scientific article and a literary essay (with which an essay is often confused), and, on the other hand, on a philosophical treatise. The essay style is characterized by imagery, fluidity of associations, aphoristic, often antithetical thinking, the installation of intimate frankness and conversational intonation. Some theorists consider it as the fourth, along with epic, lyric and drama, genre of fiction.

The topic for the essay is chosen or received from the teacher, but if you are faced with a free choice of topic, the main thing you must remember is that the topic of the essay is intended to reveal not only definitions of concepts, its purpose is to induce reflection.

An essay has no special structure like a scientific, research paper, essay or course project, or just do my dissertation. Of course, if you are writing an essay for the first time, you should consider at least one version of the structure to know how to structure your thoughts and successfully write your essay.

Introduction – here you should state the essence, purpose and justification for the choice of the topic. The introduction consists of a logically and stylistically connected series of components. At this stage, you should clearly formulate the question, the answer to which you intend to present during the disclosure of the essay topic.

The main part – this part implies full disclosure and argumentation of the main problem, statement of the main question. It is important to know that one paragraph should contain only one statement, which is highlighted by the title, and, of course, the corresponding proof, which can be varied by graphic and illustrated material.

Conclusion – this paragraph usually contains your own generalizations and conclusions arising from the consideration of the topic. Also, the essay may contain an indication of the application of the study, which does not exclude the relationship with other problems.


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