Do you have a commercial building that has seen its days and does not fit with today’s modern applications? On the other hand, perhaps your old commercial building still has ancient asbestos building techniques present.

Then, it might be time to have asbestos abatement done to determine if the facility needs demolishing. But, first,  what is commercial demolition, and how is it done? The first step is to contact an industrial demolition Calgary contractor to have it assessed and done.

Commercial Demolition: What is it?

When you hire a demolition contractor, it is tearing down the whole structure or even parts of it for repurposing. Compared to renovation, a demolition includes taking the building apart from the floor to ceiling, windows, and doors and removing it from the premises.

The work will depend on the property you have. For example, a small office space needs minor demolition compared to a warehouse or old retail space. Once destruction is done, all fixtures are removed from the site to clear it for a new building.

What You Can Expect With Asbestos Abatement and Demolition

When hiring an industrial demolition Calgary business, they can inspect your building for asbestos with asbestos abatement. If they find that the asbestos is a high risk, they can recommend demolishing the whole building.

The company will provide a safe demolition as a priority to clear the work area and building. Once the buildings are removed, they will do a safety assessment to inspect the structural integrity. Then, they will search for the asbestos before starting the demolition process for safe removal.

During the strategy process, they will determine which demolition methods are needed for the job. Finally, the industrial demolition contractor will handle all the required permits. The reason is that in the early stages, they need the licenses before starting the work.

In addition, the company will handle the demolition and recycling to remove the material from the commercial property. For example, suppose an interior demolition is done. In that case, it is the breakdown of all parts from walls, fixtures, etc., to salvage for value before tearing down the whole infrastructure.

An exterior demolition includes removing the whole structure from the ground up. All the rubble is cleared to clean up the property for new development. Any salvaged debris that cannot be recycled will be disposed of safely.

Two Types of Demolition

When it comes to commercial and residential demolition, the methods are similar. The demolition contractor will use mechanical means to use heavy equipment to wreck the building and tear it down. Another technique often used is deconstruction to manually salvage as many fixtures as possible to reuse before demolishing the entire building.

Contact an Industrial Demolition Contractor

With an industrial demolition contractor, they will do an asbestos abatement with demolition if needed. So you can feel assured that the contractors will do a demolition project without compromising your safety. In addition, with the expert guidance of the contractor, they will ensure that your place is ready to use for any new projects you have planned.