As a leading distributor and manufacturer of valves, ANIX is committed to providing top quality products at competitive prices. ANIX is continually looking for new stocking distributors to ensure quick quotations and competitive pricing. For more information, visit or contact a distributor near you. They are committed to offering quick quotes and competitive pricing, so don’t hesitate to contact them. Their friendly customer service team will help you make the right choice for your application.

Ball valve

If you are looking for a new valve, look no further than Anix USA. This high-tech company produces a wide variety of valves, pipe fittings, and sanitary equipment for industrial applications. The industrial ball valve, in particular, is ideal for industries involving high levels of chemical and water pressure. The company’s innovative plans enable customers to meet their specific needs with the highest quality products.

Industrial Valve

The design of a ball valve consists of 5 major components: a stem connected to the ball, an inlet and an outlet, a seat that supports the ball, and a housing that seals the entire assembly. Flow through a ball valve is determined by how it operates. The inlet and outlet ports are usually orthogonal to each other. Unlike other types of valves, ball valves are easier to clean. They rotate their seats, so dirt and debris will be prevented from forming inside the valve.

Check valve

If you’re looking for an industrial check valve, you’ve come to the right place. Anix Valve is a high-tech company that manufactures and markets valves and pipe fittings. They offer high-quality products that meet strict quality standards, including API, ANSI, and CE certification. These companies provide excellent support to their customers, and their website is easy to navigate. Here, you can find a product catalog and spec sheet.

Spring-loaded check valves have two primary types. The first type is inline and uses a center-guided stem-disc assembly. When the media flows through the valve, it applies pressure to the disc, which is allowed to rotate around the hinge. If the pressure in the inlet exceeds the pressure set by the spring, the disc will close. The other type is called a swing check valve. Swing check valves differ in their placement of the disc. The disc is positioned on the outside of the valve seat, while spring-loaded ones are installed inside.

Butterfly valve

Anix, a leading manufacturer of industrial valves and fittings, is proud to introduce its Industrial butterfly valve. The company is a privately labeled manufacturer with a reputation for excellent service and high-quality products. Anix offers competitive pricing and warehousing facilities. Its products are used in industries ranging from oil and gas production to chemical processing and light industry. These valves are perfect for applications where space is an issue.

Industrial Valve

The company is committed to manufacturing high-quality valves, with the latest industrial technology. They manufacture and distribute a diverse range of products, including stainless steel, titanium, and cast steel. They have state-of-the-art production facilities, a talented R&D team, and industry-specific certifications. Anix offers free quotes and consultations. The company has been in business since 1988 and is growing quickly among global distributors.

Gate valve

Anix USA is a leading manufacturer of industrial gate valves, fittings, and gaskets. The company takes pride in its superior customer support, competitive pricing, and easy quotation process. This commitment to quality and service has led to a rapid growth among its global distributors and consumers. Whether you need a valve for industrial applications or a general gate valve, you will find what you need from Anix. We are pleased to provide you with a selection of their gate valves and fittings.

The company was established in 1988, and currently produces a variety of valves and valve accessories. Some of its most popular products include pressure regulators, ball valves, and stainless steel valves. The company also produces valves and pipe fittings with advanced plans. These products are used in various industries including power generation, oil and gas, pulp and paper, and light industry. Anix is dedicated to providing dependable solutions to all of your industrial valve needs, including valve installation, repair, and replacement.


Industrial Valve

A strainer valve is a device that prevents unwanted debris from clogging the pipeline. Debris can damage downstream equipment, including valves, so these devices are crucial for protecting downstream equipment. Learn more about strainers in this article, and learn about the different materials available for these valves. Listed below are the pros and cons of each material. To help you determine which valve is right for your application, we’ve compiled a list of the different types of strainer valves.

A strainer valve is a pipe fitting that separates liquid from solid matter. These valves use a screen or perforated plate to catch larger particles in the process stream. These screens need to be replaced as they become clogged. The main difference between a strainer and a filter is the diameter of holes in the media screen. Because the mesh and media screen are different sizes, they are used to remove solid matter from liquid streams.