Boston Terriers are America’s favorite gentlemen and the apples of our eyes. These playful and intelligent dogs can capture the heart of anyone they meet. They’re the perfect indoor dogs and companions who’ll sit with you and watch the news because they like being in your company. If you’re cooking something in the kitchen, they’ll follow you and would want to be part of the process.

They’re also great with children, which makes them the most wanted family dog. If you’re ready to expand your family and introduce a pet, getting a Boston Terrier is a great first step. However, you must have many questions if you intend to adopt a Boston Terrier. So, you’ve come to the right place to find expert information.

Here are some frequently asked questions we get about Boston Terriers from our customers and clients:

A Boston Terrier Puppy standing in the sun

Q1. We Just Brought Our Puppy Home A Week Ago, And We Want To Introduce Her To Everyone And Take Her Out. Is This The Right Time To Do It?

If you’ve just brought your puppy home, they might just be a few weeks old. At this time, they are very vulnerable to germs and infections. So, it’s not the best time to introduce your puppy to other dogs or a lot of people if they haven’t received their entire regiment of shots yet.

Places like parks and doggie play areas are not safe for unvaccinated puppies. It increases their risks for virus contractions. Once vaccinated, you can start introducing them to other dogs and extended family members.

Q2. What Are Full Immunity Shots?

Normally, your puppy will need two shots in a series of four to get full immunity. You can get a rabies shot and tag when they turn four months. These shots will help protect your puppy from infections and diseases.

 A Boston Terrier Puppy lying on its side

Q3. What Should I Do When I Take My Puppy For A Check-Up At The Vet?

If you’re taking your puppy in for a check-up, keep them from walking around the vet clinic’s floor. Hold them in your lap if you can on a blanket. Many sick dogs come and go in the clinic, so you should protect your puppy from exposure to the floor’s germs.

And once you’re putting them down on an exam table, it’s better to place them on the blanket you’re carrying them on. That way they’ll remain protected from exposure to the exam table that had previously held other pets.

Q4. I Am Diabetic, So I Have A Ton Of Sugarless Candy And Treats Lying Around. Can My Boston Terrier Eat Them?

Under no circumstances feed your Boston Terrier any sugarless treats or overly sugary treats. No sugarless candy, sugarless gum, anything. Period. Sugarless substances are poisonous to your Boston Terrier puppy. There is no cure for this substance. So, if you’re diabetic and have treats lying around the house, remove them as quickly as possible before you bring your puppy home. You’ll have to properly dispose of the wrappers so your puppy can’t get in the trash.

If you do wish to treat your dog to some doggy treats, always go for certified and safe substances and manage the calorie intake with their regular meals. It’s because you don’t want to overfeed your Boston Terrier, either.

A Boston Terrier Puppy holding a toy

Q5. What Do I Need To Do To Make My Home Ready For My Boston Terrier Puppy?

Like you baby-proof the apartment as your baby begins to crawl, follow the same rule when bringing a Boston Terrier puppy home. Ensure that there isn’t loose or rolling furniture that can crush your Boston Terrier puppy. Check for lightweight lamps, vases, rolling chairs, rocking chairs, push open drawers, etc., and secure them.

Also, pick up any cords and organize them. It can be the lamp, TV, or appliance wires, and hide the wires along the floor or furniture, so your puppy does not get tangled and chokes on itself. Also, check for curtain ropes and window coverings and tie them well above the floor.

Q6. My Puppy Is So Cute, But Why Do They Sleep So Much? I Hardly Get To Play With Them

Your puppy is very young. We recommend that you don’t try to handle them so much. They’re growing babies and need to sleep a LOT.

A Boston Terrier Puppy looking ahead sleepily

Q7. Can I Leave My Puppy Out In The Yard Unsupervised?

Please don’t leave your puppy unsupervised anywhere. Many large birds of prey like hawks, eagles, and owls love puppies and would like nothing more than to get their talons on them. They’re all sorts of dangers for tiny puppies lurking around the corner. It’s best to keep an eye on them.

Q8. Can I Leave My Puppy In The Car For A Grocery Run?

We don’t recommend leaving your puppy in the car. They don’t regulate their temperature well. So they can get dehydrated and overheated or feel too cold. So ramping up the AC during the summer is not the option because the car shouldn’t get too cold, and you can’t leave them too long if the heater is running in the cold. So, it’s just better to take them with you wherever you go. Or get a dog sitter if you can’t take them.

A Boston Terrier Puppy holding a brown toy

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