In the world there are many Types of UPS Equipment, among them are the line of UPS Standby equipment, Interactive UPS Equipment, On-line Hybrid UPS Equipment Standby, UPS Standby-Ferro equipment (Resonant Ferro UPS Equipment). Double Conversion UPS Equipment, UPS Online team, UPS Delta Conversion Online team with best product for APC UPS price in Lahore.

However, in the Colombian market there are only two that sell the most. Among them are the interactive UPS that go from 250VA to 3KVA and the UPS Online equipment that we market from 1kva to 600kva, in which we focus this article.

What Is an Interactive UPS?

Unlike some other models or brands, our UPS Developed exclusively equipment offered by incorporate by a Charge Controller with many Taps or regulating steps. Producing very steady energy at its discharge, Transient Suppressor, and Surge Suppressor. STSI, an inverter with great energy efficiency, and maintenance-free sealed dry batteries.

What Is the Regulation Process of An Interactive UPS?

First it filters the power supplied by the electric power company. When there is a power outage, the inverter automatically enters and supplies power to the UPS equipment from the batteries with the proper voltage and frequency. It is important to take into account that, in this technology, the inverter only enters when there is a power outage.

Interactive UPS equipment is an excellent protection for non-critical electrical situations such as those that occur in personal computers, Small Office / Home Office equipment and personal workstations.

Make UPS Interactives Equipment with several main blocks. The voltage regulator, or voltage stabilizer, the rectifier or battery charger, the dry sealed maintenance-free batteries, and the inverter.


It is very important to take into account that the interactive UPS with a voltage regulator deliver a variable regulated voltage at the output that can range, depending on the model, between 102VAC and up to 130 VAC without affecting computer equipment or equipment that does not require a high standard in power quality.

When the Interactive UPS start working on battery, they deliver a modified sine wave at their output; however, this does not affect their operation in equipment that does not require a high standard in power quality.

What Is the Autonomy Time of An Interactive UPS?

Generally, designed the UPS for short moments of energy that oscillate between 10 or 15 minutes. But this depends on the electrical consumption of the load that is going to protect.

Technically say that the consumption of an interactive UPS is “directly proportional to the Load connected to it” that is, not all household appliances (desktop computers, laptops, TV, sound consoles) consume the same amount of electrical energy.

Therefore, the autonomy of battery time that the UPS equipment delivers at the moment. That the electrical power fails depends on the characteristics to protection of the equipment.

What Is an Online or Double Conversion UPS?

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They are Electrical Protection, Generation and Backup equipment that performs a double conversion of the alternating electrical energy it receives, transforming it into continuous and then alternating again.

In the same way, they are equipment that, when the electrical supply of the public network fails. This generates electrical energy through several battery units. Allowing continuous electrical backup to the equipment. That connect to the Company’s Regulated network.

The regulated network has the function of distributing the regulated electrical energy throughout the company. According to compliance with electrical safety standards.

For Reliability and Energy Efficiency

Due to its high reliability and energy efficiency, UPS Online or double conversion technology is the ideal. And a recommended equipment to following:

  • Protect Servers,
  • Communication Racks,
  • Industrial Equipment,
  • Medical Equipment,
  • Clinical Laboratory Equipment Or
  • Equipment That Must Protected

due to its criticality.

With a good UPS with the highest energy efficiency with characteristics equal to or better than those distributed.

Main Blocks of Online UPS

Make The Online UPS of 8 main blocks as:

EMI Filter:

Make it with inductors and capacitors. The main function of this EMI filter circuit is to reduce or filter out electromagnetic interference.


Use the rectifier circuit to convert alternating current voltage (VAC) into direct current voltage (VDC). Since the UPS has battery inside, and the battery can store only VDC.

Dc Filter

Used the DC filter circuit to filter the impure DC current coming from the rectifier circuit. Used the filter circuit to remove those AC components from the direct current (DC)


Connect the batteries with the output of the DC filter circuit. When connect the UPS to the power supply, the battery will charge by connecting the two stages in parallel.

Inverter Circuit:

The inverter has direct current at its input, but we need alternating current (AC) supply at the output to drive the load. So, use inverter circuit to convert direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). Usually design Inverter circuit and manufactured with high-speed solid-state switches, such as MOSFET, SCR, IGBT etc.

AC Filter:

Install the alternating current (AC) filter circuit at the output of the INVERTER just before the load. Use It is to filter the impure alternating current (AC) coming from the inverter circuit.

Static Switch:

There is a static switch connected between the AC filter circuit and the critical load that prevents electrical conflicts in a bi-directional manner in the UPS power flow.

Bypass Static Switch:

We connect it between the critical load and the main input power supply after the EMI filter source. Design the Double Conversion UPS brands with this system. From the main supply, power is allowed or disallowed through this switch.

Which serves as an additional protection against an overload, or short circuits presented at the output of the UPS.

What Is the Regulation Process of An Online or Double Conversion UPS?

Unlike Interactive UPS, Online UPS manufacture with much more robust and advanced protections, and being an online UPS always keeps your Inverter in Operation.

The first step is to filter the power supplied by the electric power company. When there is a power outage, the batteries automatically begin to supply the proper voltage, current and frequency to the load.

UPS Online equipment is excellent protection for critical electrical situations such as those that occur in Industry, Clinics, Hospitals, data centers, call centers, supermarkets, food processing companies, poultry farms, medical centers, dental centers, warehouses, printing equipment large format, professional servers


It is very important to take into account that the online or double conversion UPSs that sells, deliver a totally stable voltage at their output. And can calibrate its values ​​ between 100VAC, 110VAC, 115VAC, 120VAC or 127VAC.

What Is the Most Economic UPS?

As previously mentioned, if we compare a 1 KVA Interactive UPS With A 1KVA Online UPS. Since the Interactive UPS has a different design. The Interactive UPS is much cheaper due to its design and electrical protection requirements. Since the Interactive UPS has a different design.

However, designed Interactive UPS with protection in mind. Ideal electric for the Home, small offices, or small businesses where do not require advanced electrical protections or long periods of autonomy in batteries.

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