Lidar Mapping is the detection of objects using active remote sensing technology. It utilizes the light from the pulsed laser to help measure the distance. The light pulses are combined with several other data points the system generates. They help to create exact and accurate 3-D information about any particular object in relation to the environment.

The lidar mapping technology is said to be unparalleled; in-depth dimensions help find out the distance that is between the objects. Lidar Mapping can successfully map objects such as trees and walls. The resolution and digital modes that are present, along with accuracy, are up to 10cms.

The Lidar Mapping helps to measure what it takes for the laser pulses that are present to travel from the original point of location of the object to any other object or surface. The time is then utilized to calculate the distance, which is then converted into elevation.

The waveforms that help to return the sensor can be recorded in two ways. A full waveform can be utilized to capture more complex and detailed information.

There are several uses of Lidar Mapping, such as:

• Discover Lost Cities

Lidar Mapping helps to discover and reveal the cities that have been lost. It helps to uncover subtle linear elevations that are present in the ground. The Lidar technology also helps to guide folks through dense forests.

The greatest feature of lidar technology is that it is also a “sampling tool.” The technology sends over 160,000 pulses each second. These pulses are sent from the air to the ground. The dense point cloud helps people to discover archaeological artifacts.

• To Scan Buildings and for Quality Control

When a building is scanned with the help of lidar technology, it is possible to ensure that the construction of the building matches the modeling information. The point aligned from the point cloud from the terrestrial scan with the help of BIM design ensures that the construction quality of the building is on schedule.

One of the most significant advantages of lidar mapping is that it allows real-time scanning, with the help of which it can detect any defects in the project in the early stages. It also helps to save a lot of time and money as no money will be wasted on the project where it is already faulty.

• Explore Underwater Bathymetry

Usually, underwater surveys use bathymetry sounding. The sonar emits pings of sounds into thin air and further listens for the echo. In relation to lidar mapping, it helps to calculate the distance by further calculating the elapsed time from the echo.

This usually differs from most lidar technologies in that it utilizes a green wavelength. By using this wavelength in underwater mapping, it can measure down to the seafloor.

• Agriculture

Farmers use this precision agriculture to reduce the number of fertilizers they need. It helps to spray in only specific areas. It further also helps to save any additional money on the input cost. The farmers can now validate their precision farming.

• Seeing Trees from Forest

Viewing a tree structure that is present at a height in the forest can be successfully done with the help of lidar mapping. When one can know the size of a tree from afar, that person also gets a basic idea about the actual vertical profile of the tree.

• Determining Land Use

The lidar technology classification codes include vegetation, ground, building, roads, rail, water, and overhead wires. Each of these codes comes in different laser pulses that are mostly automated. It is easier to learn about the land covers and the change in the dynamics of the planet along with climate change.

• Becoming Forensic Detective

In the arena of forensics, lidar mapping helps to search for any missing or unmarked grave. It is similar to archaeology. The lidar technology can locate any subtle terrain or any anomalies in the ground.

Usually, these anomalies are locations where it is generally estimated to find a body. The lidar technology can also be included in reconstructing a crime scene to scan an area of crime or any automobile accident.

• Investigating Landslides

If there is any landslide, the lidar scan can help to obtain a better picture of the surface in the particular vegetated area. It can identify landslides in any topographic contour. It can also predict events that can cause landslides.

To Sum It Up

Lidar Mapping is needed in more than self-driving cars. The lidar mapping technology is not new. But in recent years, this technology has gained much attention. Many industries use lidar mapping, from autonomous vehicles to forestry. NV5 caters to all these. It is one of the most reliable companies if you require lidar mapping.