Any list of government grants for individuals should include the free money that low-income families do not have to repay under an alias: refundable tax credits via the Internal Revenue Service.

Grants for Nonprofit Organizations

A refundable tax credit means that the IRS could write you a check even if you have zero income tax obligations in a given year. But, first, let’s see which criteria you can apply for free government grants.

Money for Parents

The first IRS grant on our list provides parents with free cash they do not have to repay via the refundable Child Tax Credit. So naturally, families want to take advantage of this!

The American Rescue Plan revised the Child Tax Credit for 2021, and future legislation could extend these benefits in later years.

  • The amount each family receives is much higher
    • Children under 6: $3,600
    • Dependents under 18: $3,000
  • Eligible taxpayers will receive advance payments of half of their estimated amount during 2021

Complete the online non-filer tool to begin receiving advance payments if you did not file taxes in previous years to alert the IRS about your dependent children.

Money For Low-Income

The second IRS grant on our list offers low-income families free money and allows them to apply for free government grants.

Individuals and families with incomes below specified thresholds may qualify for the EITC if they have earned income as defined by the IRS. The maximum amount you can claim breaks out as follows.

  • No qualifying children: $1,502
  • One qualifying child: $3,618
  • Two qualifying children: $5,980
  • Three or more qualifying children: $6,728

Money For Students

The third IRS grant on our list provides college students free money they do not have to pay back via the partially refundable American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC).

Individuals might qualify for the AOTC if they paid qualified higher education expenses during their first four college years by apply for free government grants. The maximum amount is $2,500 per year, broken down as follows.