The JavaScript certification is worth it for your career growth by working as a professional JavaScript developer in a top IT company with a high salary package and also improving your JavaScript skills.

Introduction – JavaScript is one of the popular programming languages and is used for wide-ranging purposes, detecting browsers for improving the design of a webpage, varying from creating cookies, validating forms, and many more. During the JavaScript training, you will learn about the basic concept of JavaScript, Data types, Loops, Features of js, what is hoisting, array, prototypes, and many more. After completing the JavaScript online training course successfully, you will get JavaScript certification from our institute and will be working as a JavaScript developer in a top company with a high salary. There are several popular web browsers including Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer supported JavaScript.

JavaScript is one of the most commonly used programming languages and web technologies and is also a highly required technical skill in the IT field. So, if you want to study JavaScript then it is a good move for your career growth in the future.

Java Certifications – There are some JavaScript certification courses that are beneficial for your career growth are given below –

  1. The JavaScript Developer Certificate – It is one of the popular platforms to learn web technologies that help in improving your technical skills and is beneficial for your career growth. This type of JavaScript certificate assesses and validates the ability of candidates to manipulate the HTML. If you can study JavaScript tutorials then it helps in clearing the JavaScript certificate.
  2. Certified JavaScript Developer – It is also one of the best JavaScript certifications that are developed by the International JavaScript Institute. This type of JavaScript certificate assesses the capability of students and also provides an opportunity for learning the advanced concepts of the most popular programming language in the IT domain. This JavaScript certification is worth it for professional or experienced JavaScript developers by improving their JavaScript skills. It improves your resume that helps in getting a job easily as a JavaScript developer in the best IT company with high packages.
  3. Full Stack JavaScript Developer – This type of JavaScript certification contains several concepts such as Loops, Functions, Numbers, and object-oriented JavaScript which can prove invaluable to build dynamic websites. It also covers the basic concepts of CSS, DOM, and HTML which are important for JavaScript. This JavaScript certification also involves some projects that are based on React, and REST API.
  4. Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript – This type of JavaScript certification course covers the important concepts of HTML, DOM, and JavaScript. It checks the capability for writing and recognizing syntactically correct JavaScript code and using data types approximately.
  5. CIW JavaScript Specialists – This type of JavaScript certification is for future specialists which use JavaScript for all types of projects. This JavaScript certification course covers basic concepts such as debugging, flow control, cookie creation, JavaScript objects, and frameworks.
  6. Programming for the Web with JavaScript – This Java certification course concentrates on jQuery, DOM, web browser behavior, server-side development, and many more. It also covers multiple libraries and also talks about how to make dynamic web applications.