Dentures are the most common solution when you are missing teeth. When you have undergone dentures, make sure you know that these might take time to get used to. Of course, there is a possibility that you may have to struggle with some issues before you will get used to dentures and they feel natural and comfortable in your mouth. But don’t worry, they are easy to get dealt with.

Common denture problems

But before you start fixing issues arising due to the use of dentures, know the most common problems that may happen:

Soreness and discomfort

These are normal in the early phase of the adjustment period. It happens because dentures rub into your gums, which causes irritation and pain that may bother you. Once you get used to them, this initial soreness and discomfort will gradually fade. To avoid this, you can rinse your mouth with a saltwater solution and massage your gums or take a painkiller if necessary.

Difficulties to eat

It is also a common problem faced by many patients. They find difficulty eating. All you can do is give your mouth time to adjust to the dentures. It may be painful when you are eating some types of food. Once your mouth and gums get adjusted to it, you will find yourself eating normally. At this time, you should avoid sticky and hard food, minimizing pressure on your gums when you chew.

Other common problems

With new dentures, you may have difficulty speaking, slipping dentures, excess saliva, etc. For speaking problems, you should speak regularly or try singing your favorite songs. This way, you can give your mouth a chance to get adjusted, helping you throughout speaking. At the same time, slipping dentures can also be experienced by patients. Unlike your teeth that are naturally attached to your gums, most dentures are stayed in place by different muscles in your mouth. This is the main reason why they often dislodge or slip easily when you talk or eat in the first few weeks. Your mouth, gums, and tongue are still learning how to coordinate with dentures by keeping them in place. Last but not least, excess saliva is a problem, which you should not be worried about. After some time, it will get normal.

These are the common issues you may experience while carrying new dentures Winnipeg. If these problems increase, then you should visit your dentist for guidance and treatment. Tuxedo Dental Group offers you the right guidance and tips to reduce denture-related issues.