We provide a wide range of design, customization, and printing options. We provide free shipping and low prices. If you want to stand out from the crowd in the CBD industry, you must have unique and remarkable packaging. Custom CBD Packaging boxes with a diverse range of designs, colors, shapes, and styles, as well as unrivaled printing and customization capabilities, can play an important role in the success of your brand. CBD products require packaging solutions because they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. All of the boxes in this category are typically made of high-quality cardboard, kraft paper, and box board materials that can keep the packaged CBD items safe and sound in any situation.

CBD Product Packaging Varieties

SirePrinting provides a diverse range of packaging solutions for various CBD products. We can provide you with unbeatable packaging solutions for CBD oil, concentrates, Vape, pre-rolls, and hemp, regardless of the product. We primarily provide the following CBD packages:

  • Packaging for Cannabis
  • CBD Packaging
  • Packaging for CBD OIL
  • Packaging for Concentrates
  • E-cigarette Packaging
  • E-Liquid Containers
  • Packaging that is edible
  • Boxes of Essential Oils
  • Hemp Containers
  • Packaging in Rolls
  • Packaging for Vapes

We have the expertise to provide you with all of these CBD product packaging solutions in exceptional quality and materials. Our experts understand what it takes to provide our clients with unique packaging solutions that will help them stand out in the market.


Boxes with distinctive designs and excellent customization capabilities always assist respective brands and retailers in attracting customers and increasing sales. We are aware of this fact and value it greatly, especially when providing clients with exceptional CBD boxes. Our designers and customization experts use cutting-edge design and customization tools and technologies. Furthermore, having been in the packaging industry for nearly a decade, they have all of the skills and expertise to provide you with the desired type of boxes for your products’ packaging needs. We can incorporate any feature you desire into your packaging solutions. To provide you with the desired boxes with the desired features and functions, our designers can incorporate perforation, window cutouts, gloss and matte lamination, friction locks, lid addition, embossing/debossing to gold and silver foiling, and all kinds of branding embellishments.


You can get out-of-the-box printing ideas from us for all of the packaging products we offer, including these CBD product boxes. Our printing specialists are equipped with cutting-edge tools and technologies, as well as extensive experience and knowledge of all printing techniques. In other words, by retaining our services for the required product packaging solutions, you will have a comprehensive set of expertise and skills to obtain unbeatable packaging and printing solutions to differentiate your CBD brand from the competition. We print these boxes for our clients using digital, offset, and screen printing, as well as eco-friendly printing inks, to provide them with an appealing and inviting solution. We can customize these packages with eye-catching graphics, enticing and informative printed product details, gold and silver foiling, and embossed/debossed brand logos based on your specifications. All of these printing aspects can help your products stand out and increase market recognition for your brand.


SirePrinting strives to assist clients in obtaining out-of-the-ordinary packaging solutions and remaining compliant with the FDA’s drug packaging regulations. We specifically include child-resistant features in all of the CBD packages that we offer. Our packaging solutions always meet international packaging standards and have the ability and skill to captivate customers for our valued client brands and retailers.


Green packaging is becoming increasingly popular among all types of businesses and industries. Customers are becoming more environmentally conscious and prefer eco-friendly packaging solutions, and CBD products are no exception. In this regard, we always use environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging materials such as cardboard and kraft paper in the production of almost all of the packaging solutions we offer. Green packaging solutions for CBD products can assist you in developing a nature-friendly business status in society and attracting the greatest number of eco-conscious customers.

WHY CHOOSE SirePrinting?

SirePrinting is a leading packaging supplier in the United States, serving hundreds of brands and businesses from various industries and sectors for nearly a decade. CBD packaging is another important packaging option we provide. We raise the industry’s packaging and printing quality standards and make it difficult for competitors to meet those standards. We firmly believe in pushing our clients to their absolute limits, and the following add-on services are prime examples.

quickest Turnaround

With us, you can receive your Custom CBD Boxes orders in 10 to 12 business days after you approve the press-ready designs and pay the company. However, if you need packaging solutions quickly, you can get them in 4 to 6 business days, which may incur minor additional service charges.

Shipping Is Always Free.

We also offer free shipping in the United States on all products; however, this service is only available for standard orders. For buyers from other countries who require expedited product delivery, our shipping rates are very reasonable and lower than market rates.

Free Design Assistance

You can also take advantage of our free design assistance if you lack the necessary design skills or time. Our expert designers will provide you with unbeatable design ideas without charging you a dime. There are numerous other such facilities available to you. So, what are you holding out for? Request a quote and save money with us.