When filing a document in a foreign country such as Armenia, in most cases it is difficult to assess whether the submitted document is legal and genuine or not. However, under the 1961 Hague Convention, the legalization of documents for use abroad was abolished and replaced by a certificate of authenticity called the Apostille. In this case, it is called the Armenia Apostille.

An apostille is essentially a certificate that is attached to your official legal document verifying that the signer of your document is genuine and that the person responsible for signing your documents is an authorized and recognized representative of the US agency that owns the document exhibiting. Each apostille is dated, registered, and provided with a unique reference number.

USLegalization is a professional and respected firm in the United States. An Apostille is a pre-printed form that has been correctly assigned by the Convention. Any foreign document that must be legalized for use in Armenia must be accompanied by a Convention certificate, Apostille for Armenia, issued by the competent authorities.

In general, the apostille includes the following:

  • Name of the person who signed the document
  • Name of the country of origin of the document
  • Place of certification
  • Number of certificates
  • Capacity with which the person who signed the document acted
  • Seal or seal of the issuing authority Certificate
  • Name of the authority that affixed the seal or seal on unsigned documents
  • The signature of the authority issuing the certificate
  • Date of certification

All documents that are issued or authorized in the U.S. They must be notarized and/or legalized in accordance with the Apostille. USLegalization offers you simple, fast, and affordable packages to obtain the official apostille of all your US documents for use in Armenia and other countries. In the United States, all legislative processes are carried out by the United States Secretary of State. We are more than ready to provide you with free advice on your documents that need to be legalized. Contact us for highly professional, friendly, and fast advice.

We, together with the provision of official apostille services for documents submitted in the member countries of the Hague Conference, provide other legislative services that relate to others. Such additional laws are also known as super legislation, whose process, time frame, and cost vary from one embassy to another.