• Boatbuilders often use blue cable ties to temporarily keep wood panels in place while epoxy joints – which permanently glue a boat’s sections together – are applied and cured while making canoes and other small boats from plywood.
  • So you’re having visitors and need to lock up the kitchen and bathroom cupboards that hold cleaning supplies or medications. If the children will only be there for a few hours, installing child locks on off-limits cupboards may seem excessive, but it is still critical to keep them secure. When you’re in a hurry, cable ties make excellent temporary kid safety locks; just loop them through or around pairs of knobs to keep cabinet doors firmly locked. Simply clip the knots after the youthful guests leave to regain access to your cupboards. We have a tip for stopping the wheels from wobbling in various directions whether you’re racking, unloading, or carrying your bicycle if you’re in the habit of doing so. Use a pair of cable ties to connect the wheels to the rest of the bike frame; the wheels will remain in line with the body of the bike, and when you arrive at your location, just remove the ties and you’re ready to go.
  • When something breaks around the home and you don’t have time to rush out to the hardware shop for the component you need, blue cable ties come in useful. In fact, we’ve witnessed one instance where a broken toilet tank chain was reattached to the flush valve with nothing more than a cable tie.
  • Christmas decorations are prone to get dislodged from their wire-hanging hooks, but this should not deter you from decorating. When you come across decorations that are no longer able to be hung, just use cable ties to construct new hanging loops. • When camping, you may use cable ties to secure your tent while you’re away from it. Because they fully wrap Christmas tree branches, there’s less possibility of decorations bursting off the tree. Although cable ties won’t dissuade human invaders, they’re wonderful for keeping door flaps snugly closed so you don’t return after a hike or a swim to discover your sleeping bag ransacked by bugs, snakes, or raccoons.
  • Do you want to wear your beloved zip-up sweater despite the fact that the zipper pull has broken? Simply wrap a cable tie through the gap left by the zipper pull. Now you can keep toasty while waiting for a complete zipper repair.

Create hanging loops for lightweight household products you wish to arrange on hooks in your cleaning supplies cabinet using blue cable ties. Get creative and attempt a new method of keeping your cleaning utensils using items like dusters, dustpans, and scrub brushes, which frequently have holes in their handles that may fit cable ties.