This guide is for those who ultimately want to become an astrologist. A person who wants to be a professional astrologer can use this as their beginner’s guide. There are thousands of articles written on astrology. They mean nothing if you don’t follow the proper sequence. Many books on this vast topic, written by the best astrologer in Parramatta, are highly technical and hard to understand. One can drown in the sea of information.

What are the steps you can take to learn more about astrology?

One can start learning after getting the big picture of Astrology alone. You need to understand its true meaning and significance. Astrology is a fascinating word to hear, but only a few beginners know much about it. The little horoscope paragraphs you read online are of little to no use. It is because they don’t even touch the science of astrology to the extent they should.

You can start learning about astrology, beginning with natal charts. You can look for the best astrologer in Chatswood to learn more about charts. These charts are simple to interpret if practiced and are highly used in astrology. They capture a specific moment. They can be used to check the compatibility between two people. You can find the positive and negative aspects of a relationship through it.

Where should you start?

You need to understand the language of astrology. Astrology has its unique symbols, terms, and expressions. These involve Zodiac signs, Ascendents, midheaven, Retrograde and direct motion, Ephemeris, etc. In-depth knowledge about these factors can make you a semi-astrologist. You can start talking like a professional astrologist once you get a hold of it, says Mahakaleshwar Ji, among the best astrologers in Dulwich Hill.

The characteristics of the sun signs

Now you need to gain good knowledge about all the 12 sun signs. You can cover a few salient points about each sun sign so you can work with people of different signs.

Next comes the planets. Every planet in the solar system carries some characteristics. These planets highly affect the lives of different people. You need to know about how each planet influences people. The best astrologer in Parramatta, Australia, says you should know that a planet’s characteristics will only work for some charts.

The placement of a planet in the chart by house and sign and how it affects the other planets determine which characteristics will apply. The sun and the moon are the celestial bodies that highly affect a person. They are considered the most important in astrology, so you must focus more on their effects. Some best astrologer in Dulwich Hills feel you need to expose yourself to deep analysis and interpretations to achieve mastery in astrology.

Knowing what are the houses

According to the best astrologer in Parramatta, Gurusri, what happens in a particular person’s life is decided by a specific house. The 12 houses of the natal chart determine a person’s whole life. The list of the 12 houses is dominated by angular houses, Succedent, Cadent, Houses of life, Houses of endings, etc.

Learn the technique of eyeballing

Eyeballing is a method of guessing the approximation of a natal chart. However, it is not as accurate as a precisely calculated chart. Its advantage is it is way faster than the conventional calculating method. There is no way to eyeball the house’s position accurately, but you can still do it with a certain degree of error. The best astrologer in Chatswood believes that eyeballing does come close enough to an entirely calculated chart.


Here are some tips on how to learn astrology correctly. You can follow the provided sequence to get started. You can start with simple methods used in astrology to level up gradually.

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