Athletico vs. Liverpool, especially in the second league at Anfield, has to be one of the most exciting Champions League matches of the 2019–20 season. Yes, these kinds of matchups thrill us football fans, since football games require an element of surprise. These matches continue to convince us that the game of football is not played on paper, as we know Liverpool clearly had a stronger squad compared to Atletico Madrid on paper.

The first-leg results were decisively in Liverpool’s favour, as they won the match 0-1 at Atletico Madrid’s home field. Following the pandemic, the concept of an away goal advantage no longer exists in Champions League football. However, this regulation was very much in effect at the time. So, after the first leg, the game was back on the court of Atletico Madrid. However, things changed dramatically in the second leg. So, in this post, we will go over everything you need to understand about this historic Champions League Round of 16 match between Athletico and Liverpool.

Possession of Two Legs Overall

Liverpool completely outclassed Atletico Madrid in terms of ball possession. In actuality, according to statistics, Liverpool had 67% of the ball in the first leg, while Atletico Madrid had 33%. In the return leg, Liverpool had roughly 64% of the ball, while Atletico Madrid had around 36%. Liverpool created more opportunities on the pitch throughout the two legs. In actuality, Atletico kept a low line of defence for most of the game, with midfielders occasionally joining the defensive structure to make it more challenging for Liverpool to progress and score a goal.

Tactical Management of These Two Teams

In terms of their football techniques, the coaches of Athletico vs Liverpool are diametrically opposed. Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool’s manager, enjoys beautiful football. His football philosophy is more possession-based, with graceful passing, creating opportunities, and more. In reality, Jurgen Klopp’s football philosophy can be summarised as Joga Bonito. As a result, his strategies were counter-pressing, and the defence likewise maintained a high line. We are all aware that high-pressing assists us in regaining possession. And without the ball, the opponent is unable to create opportunities.

However, Diego Simeone, the coach of Atletico Madrid, employed an entirely different strategy. You have to admit that Liverpool was indeed a better squad on paper, with world-class strikers, midfielders, and defenders. In a nutshell, that Liverpool squad was loaded with superstars. Atletico Madrid, on the other hand, had an entirely different scenario. Diego Simeone was well aware that the squad would never have 11 stars on the pitch. As a result, he used a defensive style and would only go on the offensive when necessary. Almost everyone on the squad was protecting themselves and sitting back.

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