If an application were released without being tested, it could malfunction, with the consequent negative impact on users and loss of money, time and brand image for the company that developed it. For this reason, the need to carry out tests to ensure the quality of systems and software becomes more important every day.

In this regard, testers are the professionals in charge of ensuring software quality, guaranteeing that everything works correctly according to what is defined and that the defects do not reach the user. Today software development is not conceived without testing, since these will be the main instrument to ensure software quality.

In this article, some of the most awesome software testing firms in the United States will be presented.

Mindful QA is a company whose mission is to provide the best quality assurance though software testing services. Within the company, its mission is to promote its best employees. The company has 5 major goals, which consistently pursues. These are profit, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, success and playing. The company´s main goal is to generate profit and maintain financial stability. Profit enables it to make further investments that bring tangible benefits to both its clients and employees.

The company has some important values ​​that guide it and ​​reflect who they are. The values are ambition and fighting spirit, positive attitude, courage and transparency, passion and commitment, honesty, authenticity and flexibility, loyalty and solidarity, modesty, quality, team spirit and respect, responsibility and freedom and trust.

QualityLogic is another company that provides software testing services in Uncle Sam´s country. At the company, they are never satisfied with the status quo. In fact, they are constantly striving to be better and go a step further, and above all, they want to beat their competitors. In order to continue being one of the largest providers of software testing services, they always set themselves ambitious goals and persistently strive to achieve them thanks to their discipline. At the firm, they are never completely satisfied with their results and they are constantly looking for ways to be better and achieve even better results.

QA Mentor is a software testing company that supports companies in their quality assurance processes. The company provides software testing consultancy services, supporting various business areas and helping companies choose the right test tools and methodologies. In these cases, they help companies to develop a test strategy, propose tools and techniques tailored to their needs, provide tips on how to optimize the testing process and provide test guidelines

When it comes to developing a test strategy, the company´s experts support clients in setting strategic goals, using techniques for monitoring the work progress and preparing the necessary documentation. Also, the company helps companies define the tests´ overall purpose, indicate the optimal types of tests, advise on test reporting and standards, provide recommendations for test methods and solutions, develop a plan and schedule and estimate resource requirements.

Also, the company can help companies that need to verify compliance with standards. By testing systems, the company is able to assess the overall software quality, and it confirms compliance with the standards for a given sector (e.g. automotive or rail).

QA Wolf is a company that performs quality control at all test levels, by testing software on many levels. It provides different kinds of tests, such as unit tests, integration tests, system tests and acceptance tests.

At the company, they know that software projects today are more complex than ever before. The software industry is growing at a very high speed and software developers have to be up to date with news and opportunities in the IT world in order to use the latest technology in the best way.

At the firm they believe that, in software development (see here), quality is essential to success. To guarantee this success, testing is vital. Software tests help teams to evaluate the software with the requirements and information collected from users and the product owner, simplifying developers´ lives.

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At the company, they are big fans of Agile methodologies, and they believe that to correctly apply these methodologies you need to do TDD (Test Driven Development) and CI (Continuous Integration). Agile tests are one of the most important parts of the Agile methodologies. They believe that testing should not be separated from the development process, as is done in more traditional models. Software testing is an extremely relevant part of the whole software development process. And the tests must be written before writing the code, in order to be able to identify errors more quickly and correct them in the shortest possible time.

Also, at the company they know that there are still developers who prefer to save money on the testing process, and they consider this a big mistake. Even though the initial investment may be higher, in the long run quality assurance is cheaper. Software testing gives quick constant feedback, which is why all lovers of Agile methodologies use it.