Banana Rates reach Peaks! Banana Prices suddenly increase in Hyderabad!

These days the increase in Banana prices is making it difficult for common people to afford them. This is due to the enlargement in the gap between the demand and supply with the increasing shortage of bananas. For the past two and half years, bananas have been produced and sold in less quantity compared to before. Earlier, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people refused to buy bananas for the fear of catching a cold or fever symptoms. After the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, many farmers stopped cultivating bananas as there was a huge reduction in the supply. The prices of bananas have started to increase in Hyderabad as well as other parts of the country such as Delhi, Karnataka, and Gujarat. It is a point to be noted that after 9 years, there is a sudden increase in food prices and it is possible that the prices of bananas may increase more in the upcoming days. Banana Rates reach Peaks