Today, online games are more developing than ever since they bring us a lot of advantages such as entertaining, improving our mental health, and teaching us soft skills.  For those who love online sports games, basketball stars is a good choice. In this fantastic basketball-themed sports game, your main task is to control your character in order to throw the ball into the basket. Basketball Stars has three game modes: one player, two-player, and quick match.

In the mode one player, you need to control only one character, as its name. This mode includes three sub-modes.
– The Training mode in 1 Player mode is to help you practice. You will play basketball alone in this mode, with no challenge or time restriction.
– The Random Match mode is the following sub-mode. You have the option of playing alone or as part of a team in this mode.

– The Tournament mode is the last sub-mode. In this mode, you’ll fight against seven other teams in three rounds to determine the champion, including a Quarterfinal, Semifinal, and Final match. This sub-mode also allows you to play alone or in a group.

In 2 Players mode, you have to control both characters at the same time. It’s better if you invite your friends to play with you. This mode has three sub-modes: 1vs1, 2vs2, and 2vs2CPU.
– In the 1vs1 sub-mode, you need to control both characters in two distinct teams.
– In 2vs2 mode, you can control both members of the same squad to fight against other players.
– The last one is 2vs2CPU mode. This mode and 2vs2 mode are the same. However, your opponent will be controlled by the computer.

The last mode is Quick Match, which connects you with other players instantly and allows you to fight in duels.
Play this game and have a nice moment!