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For you to achieve a beautiful and healthy smile, you need to have strong and healthy teeth. Having great teeth requires you to combine science and art from a professional and experienced dentist. The art involves checking the face of the patient and try creating a picture of the changes he/she may likely to experience over time. Science is added by using the latest technology one can find. Orthodontist in Agoura Hills are the most qualified for this job since they have an extensive experience in this field. One great Orthodontist in Agoura Hills is Dr. Peter Roth, who is a specialist when you need a great smile.


The best time to begin.

Orthodontic treatment requires timing. Timing is critical to ensure perfect and great results. Timely treatment ensures you cut on expenses and time you take for the procedure. It is recommended that the best period to undertake this process is at seven years. At this age, the examination of the condition of the teeth is checked and time is stipulated when you can undergo the procedure.

Age 7 is considered the optimal time for screening because the first molars erupt. During this period the orthodontist will evaluate the side to side and the front to back relationship of the teeth. This enables the orthodontist to plan well as the eruption of incisors may mean a possible gummy smile, an open bite or an overbite.

Westlake Village Orthodontist will undertake the patient into a step by step guidelines during treatment.

Treatment may occur in two phases if treatment is done at an early age. The Majority of cases that the Westlake Village Orthodontist experience is patients not getting treated until their permanent teeth have erupted. There is an alternative treatment for adults. Adult patients are most of the time not interested in this comprehensive and lengthy treatment, but they would rather undertake straightforward and specific treatment.

Treatment Options and methods of removing teeth

We have several methods that Orthodontist in Westlake Village uses to ensure a great smile on your face. This approach includes:

1. Cosmetic improvements

This is a vast improvement in the orthodontic industry. The most popular choice in this is the ceramic braces. It is made from a camouflaging, translucent material that brackets itself on the teeth. This type of braces offers a no “metal-mouth” appearance.

2. Invisalign

These are invisible braces that use plastic aligners that are clear. The braces are created from a 3-D imaging technology. The braces are removable and are invisible. They are popular with adults who are concerned with their daily activities and don’t want the braces to be noticed. This type of braces offers flexibility in choosing the best period to wear them.

Orthodontist advancement

Several improvements have been developed in this industry. This has been made possible by numerous research and the increase of patients who require this service. Examples of this advancement include the use of nickel titanium wire that is strong and durable. It replaces the stainless still wires.

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