Trying to accomplish large tasks can feel impossible when you have a small business. For instance, if your work requires high availability, redundancy, and scalability, you might be overwhelmed by the idea of implementing a storage solution. Also, the installation and configuration process can seem like an insurmountable obstacle standing in front of your goal. A scale-out enterprise solution is a solution to that. Read on to find out how scale-out storage can benefit your business in terms of operational and cost-efficiency.

Scale-out Enterprise NAS storage has almost perfect data availability.

When designing a distributed system, you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. If one node fails, you want the others to keep working. This can be tricky. You need something that can handle load balancing and failover and things like that, and suddenly you have a complex distributed system on your hands. The system can only handle so much load before things start falling over.

Scaling out helps get rid of this problem. The best NAS systems put more stuff behind each load balancer, so less overall load per machine and more resources available for failure handling. Scaling out is more straightforward than scaling up; you don’t have to worry about partitioning data across devices or how many replicas of each piece of data because you have multiple redundant nodes. Scaling out makes it easier to scale up, too. You can add as much storage in multiple nodes as you want so long as you don’t exceed the node capacity.

Scaling out is cheaper in the long run and gives you more performance.

So you add a couple more machines, and they are immediately overloaded — now you’re paying for capacity you can’t use without slowing down your whole infrastructure. So then you add a few more machines, but they, too, are overwhelmed by the spike in load. You keep repeating this pattern until your site is slow all the time. Scaling out your storage will give you a proportional increase in performance that isn’t affected by increased storage load.

Scale-out NAS storage is easier to manage and less costly to maintain

Also, by accounting for the cost of scaling out, we can see that the total cost of a system is not just the purchase price plus the operational cost but also the costs of expansion.

The actual cost is not just what you pay upfront or even what you pay each year, but also all the money you will eventually have to spend to keep it operating.

It’s not always easy to work out when and how much you will need to expand in advance. With scale-out storage, you only add so many nodes as you need, and there are almost no management costs. It is easy to maintain, use, and expanding is as simple as adding a bunch of more drives.


The point is – You can save time, money, and hassle if you use a scale-out enterprise solution in your business. If you are interested in scale-out Network Attached Storage, we recommend checking out StoneFly super scale-out NAS appliances that also come with many other features like Anti-virus and anti-ransomware, Immutable delta-based snapshots, Write-Once Read-Many (WORM) volumes, Automated storage tiering, Deduplication, and much more.

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