Food truck is a restaurant on wheels where dishes, snacks, or drinks are prepared and sold. These mobile catering services often use the terms: ‘rolling kitchen,’ ‘kitchen on wheels, ‘mobile kitchen,’ or ‘rolling restaurant.’ Originally, a Food truck was on the street. However, reserving these kitchens on wheels for catering your event, company party, wedding, or even for your home is currently available.

From a rolling kitchen, passionate chefs serve their culinary delights and drinks wherever their wheels take them. Food truck catering has a very creative theme. In recent years comparable Food trucks with drop-down restaurants have been offered. Increasingly, ‘gourmet cuisine,’ synonymous with dishes with refined flavors and attractive presentations, takes on the appearance of these kitchens on wheels. However, there are still ‘more classic’ food trucks with burgers, pizza, pasta, barbecued ribs, and burritos.

A trend that is gaining strength: is a vegetarian and organic dish. They all have in common that most Food truck owners prepare their dishes with passion and care so that their customers can enjoy excellent food and drink.

Pizza street food is one of the most successful activities, thanks to the universal love for this dish and the possibility of working comfortably in a small space with adequate preparation. Eating a perfectly cooked pizza for a lunch break or at an event is always a pleasure because you can watch the pizza chef work while he prepares food for us. Food catering truck serves you the food in quality and quantity.


 Why choose to start a food truck business?

The reasons that push so many people to take the road of food on the road are different:

  • the passion for cooking and typical regional dishes
  • the possibility of putting a great deal of creativity into your work
  • the fact of working outdoors
  • the flexibility of this job is well suited to your personal or family needs
  1. The analysis

Before opening your street food, it is necessary to accurately analyze the market, the sector, the catchment area, the target, and the competition.

  1. Have an original idea

You have to define your format, following an original idea that stands out from the others and define your menu.

  1. The image

The image is not everything, but it is very important: it is better to define your layout well, keeping faith with the defined communication and marketing strategies, which must be captivating and must also and above all, pass through social networks, to be in line with both trends.

  1. The trend

Define your trend among many, such as:

  • healthy and light
  • of juice and fruit bars, based on fruit, vegetables, and superfoods
  • of vegan, gluten-free, organic products
  • of typical local dishes such as fried pizza, pasta omelettes, etc.
  • of cafeteria and bakery
  • with refined and gourmet combinations and ingredients
  • with fine meats
  1. The bureaucratic process

To open a street food business, you will have to follow a very specific bureaucratic process, made up of requests for permits and licenses, compliance with the plants and the vehicle, taking care of the food safety aspect with HACCP, as well as establishing a detailed cost plan.

You will learn how better to manage the preparation of the travelling pizza chef and choose the best tools for the food truck, especially the professional pizza oven.

Food truck catering ontario will start by talking about the business of wandering pizzerias to then move on to an in-depth study on the ideal characteristics of professional ovens for pizza street food. Finally, they will explain why steel ovens are the perfect tools for pizzerias on wheels, suggesting their best professional models ideal for this type of business.

In addition to these functional aspects, in setting up the vehicle, it is also necessary to take care of the vehicle’s image with aesthetic devices that are part of the visual communication of your business. As for the choice of Catering kitchener waterloo, they must consider both the constraints imposed by the space available on the vehicle you have chosen and your actual needs for use.

The minimum tools for preparing pizza are a professional oven, a fridge for storing food, and a small sink. In addition to these, other tools can also be installed onboard the vehicle to offer customers complementary products, for example, a second fridge for drinks or a deep fryer to prepare side dishes to sell to customers while they are waiting for the pizza.