The growing pace of development has augmented the demand for 3D imaging. With the expansions in technologies like Drones, analysis methods like LiDAR, etc. can help you to determine the best results, assess intricate details of the project and subsequently develop a strong plan. 

Rising demand for 3D LiDAR Mapping Company

LiDAR technology was developed by the US military in the mid-70s and uses light imaging detection and ranging to create an accurate map of the selected space. The technology sends laser light pulses to measure the time requirements and bounce rates. The same sends pulses in nanoseconds which means you can scan a large area and get its accurate map, elevation maps, etc. With the aid of the best 3D LiDAR Mapping Company, the following businesses can attain the best results – 

    • Forestry
    • Mining
    • Construction
    • Land development
  • Surveying services, etc.

Use of technology by top engineering firms

The growth of LiDAR technology has been instrumental in furthering the outcomes of engineering firms. Already, the technology has been used for the construction of major roads in America. Similarly, a structural design company may use this technology to achieve solid plans and determine the integrity of a site. It is a versatile and useful method that is capable of offering incredible and accurate results.

Its short wavelength can help detect small objects and thus create solid 3D models. Businesses also opt for a professional Underfloor Drafting Company in Illinois to create an effective real-estate solution. 

What gives LiDAR technology an edge over other alternatives?

LiDAR technology uses sensors to send the laser pulses and then receives them back in nanoseconds. This means that a large area can be scanned easily and efficiently in a short period. This brings a huge volume of data for businesses.

The technology is extremely beneficial for otherwise inaccessible areas – 

  • High mountains
  • Forests
  • High altitude areas, etc.


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