The first step in doing a renovation on your home energy is through EnerGuide home evaluation. This evaluation is one of the best in ensuring that you’re making a decision that’s well-informed on the type of upgrades that’ll fit your home, which ones to prioritize, and which ones will save you a lot on energy costs. EnerGuide home evaluations contribute greatly to helping the country achieve the goal of having a national net-zero emission of carbon. Below are some of the advantages of having an EnerGuide evaluation done in your home.

  1. It gives you an understanding of how energy usage affects your home and finances

When you get an EnerGuide home evaluation done by a certified advisor, you’ll be able to obtain an analysis of the areas and the elements of your house that have got an effect on the energy performance. The evaluation aims at identifying air leakages, poor insulation, and the heating or cooling systems that are inefficient. With such issues at hand, you can easily identify a way of addressing them, some of which will be pinpointed by the advisor. The recommendations from the advisor on which renovation and retrofits to do will make the home more resilient, save you on the amount of money and energy to spend, and at the same time make the environment of your home comfortable and healthier.

  1. It avails different recommendations on how you can improve the energy efficiency of the home.

After the completion of having your home inspected, you’re given an upgrade report that has got a list of different recommended upgrades, and retrofits with detailed comments from the advisor that aims at helping you improve your home’s energy efficiency. Based on the data that has been obtained from the EnerGuide home evaluation, you may be advised to do things such as upgrading the cooling and heating systems, fixing the leaks, increasing insulation, doing draft-proofing in the home, replacing the old appliances and use those that have got an Energy Star label. Considering these recommendations helps in lowering the expenses that are energy-related, which makes your home more comfortable.

  1. It makes it possible for you to access different energy-related grant and rebate programs

For most individuals, getting grants and rebates from the government is a major motivation for going green. Once you’ve completed the EnerGuide home evaluation, installed the required recommendations and done a post-retrofit, you’ll be very eligible to receive different grants and rebates from the government. Some of the grants will give you incentives of up to $5600 to help you do the energy efficiency upgrades in your home. If you’re working with the certified energy advisors, they’ll help you in submitting applications to claim your rebates and, at the same time, ensure that the entire retrofitting process is completed with very little or even no money that’s spent out of your pocket, something that’ll help you save some money.

To add to this, there are different funding and grant schemes with the aim of ensuring that homes run energy-efficient equipment. The greener energy grant has been introduced by the government to help homeowners and residential landlords pay for energy-saving improvements such as solar panels, wall insulation, and air source heat pumps that they want to install in their homes. Having these improvements do play an important role in helping you cut down the energy bills while still improving the warmth of your home. As long as you’re eligible to get the greener energy grant voucher, it’s possible to make improvements in your home by installing energy-efficient equipment to the home without t incurring any extra costs.