There are many benefits to exterior painting Jacksonville FL your home. It can give your house personality, whether you are interested in enhancing the aesthetics of your home, changing the age of the house, or adding a new touch to the maintenance of the home. Freshly painted exteriors can highlight architectural details and add visual interest. Changing the color of your home can also give it more depth and dimension, and can set your home apart from the rest. The following are some of the benefits to consider when painting your exterior.

Before hiring a painting company, ask for a free quote. Not all painting companies are created equal, and the quotes you receive may not include all services. You may think the quote covers everything, only to find out there are hidden fees when the project starts. Always ask questions about your quote to avoid getting stuck with an overpriced bill that you cannot afford. It is essential to know exactly what you’ll be paying before signing a contract.

Alkyd exterior paints have self-cleaning properties. The paint surface gradually oxidizes, allowing water to wash away a minute amount of dirt and paint. This self-cleaning property keeps the surface looking fresh. Older paints left a chalky residue, which often stained shrubs and foundations. However, newer formulas control this residue and are not likely to stain neighboring surfaces. You can check the label of your chosen paint to see how long you should wait before you paint.