The wheel rims that are attractive can catch the eye with ease. It is a fact that dirty, damaged, and dull rims can pull even a very expensive vehicle down. Thus, you should go for powder coating finishes, as this can easily enhance or uplift the appearance of your old car without any huge expenses. Wheels need repairs, the powder coating finishes on wheel gives a new look and increases the durability. So, let us discuss what powder coating finishes are and the benefits on your car’s wheels.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a procedure in which the ground particles  of resin and pigment that is charged electrically and then sprayed onto a metal surface, like the wheel rims of your vehicle. The electrostatic charge enables those particles to protect the metal surface of the wheels. It is best when prolonged exposure to the weather causes damages to the wheels. Those particles are safer to apply and environment-friendly. Thus, this powder coating finishes also help in increasing the durability of the wheels.

Today, powder coating finishes are used as a means to protect your car wheels and other industrial materials by increasing their longevity and enhancing their looks.

powder coating wheel

The Benefits of Powder Coating Finish on Wheels:

1. Increases the durability of your vehicle

Powder coating finishes can survive up to three times more than those traditional paints under the exact same situations. The reason is after those particles are sprayed with powder, those rims are baked in an oven at a really high temperature. That baking process melts the resins that are plastic-type and change the power into a liquid that flows over the surface of the wheels. This process not only helps the particles to fuse together but also helps the powder coating to cure. Thus, you will get a more durable and thicker surface coverage.

2. It protects your car wheels

Roads offer different types of hostile environments for the metals of your cars. Water and salt may cause corrosion. Stone chips can constantly hurt the wheels and other parts of your car. The wheel rims of your car wheels are under pressure of constant attack from those elements. In those cases, powder coating finishes can help you a lot. Powder coating finishes is non-porous and a lot tougher than those traditional liquid paints. Hence, it can create a barrier that helps those powder-coated alloys to endure the harshest conditions while running on a road.

3. It is environment friendly

Powder coating rims do not require any kind of chemicals. Unlike this, those conventional paints contain VOC or volatile organic compounds that may be hazardous to health and also harmful to the environment. Moreover, the excess powder that cannot stick to the wheel rims can be captured and recycled easily.