How would it feel like changing the reality around you with the Unreal engine?

Imagine you are creating a reality in space, around the asteroids, or in the middle of the ocean; you are fighting off pirates.

In the world of video games, all these things are possible.

  • Statista predicts that the total number of video gamers worldwide will cross 3 billion by 2023.
  • The global video game market revenue will hit US$175,060million by the end of 2022. (Statista) 

Video game development has always been a prosperous and alluring field with such an intimidating revenue generation and active gamer’s number.

If your aptitude and interest go with video game development, what keeps you in chains? You can quickly develop Unity games or Unreal engine games on the foundation of your passion.

Jump on the wagon of game development and grow your career as a game designer or developer.

But where to start?

Which wagon or the game engine would suit your game development zeal?

If you are a newbie, you can bring exciting real-time experiences to life with the Unreal engine.

With almost 7 million users across the game design and development companies (CNBC), the Unreal game engine exposes the game developers to an expansive arena of game development scopes and opportunities.

So, let’s dive deeper into Unreal engine and how it benefits game development beginners.


What is Unreal Game Engine?

The unreal engine got introduced in 1988 for the first time in the video game world, holding the hands of a first-person shooter game. So, the first-person shooter game was the first among the many Unreal engine games. Unreal proves exceptionally effective for developers willing to work with real-time technologies. This engine allows developers to build versatile games, from 2D mobile games to 3D AAA video games.

Users are free to control the delivery of top-notch immersive Unreal engine games with stunning visualization.


Advantage of Using Unreal For Game Development

With Unreal Engine, a developer can build video games for multiple environments like PC, Android, iOS, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Play station, Etc. The flexibility and other benefits Unreal gifts the developer are the reasons behind its immense popularity.

Following are a few remarkable benefits beginners experience while curving Unreal engine games:

Free to Use

The fascinating thing is that the Unreal engine is free to download and install. Just think, being a developer, you can accomplish linear content, internal projects, and project customization free of cost.

Users get two options:


Unreal for Publishing

  • Free to use.
  • But, if your game hits the right chord of the audience and the revenue generation goes over $1 million, you need to pay a 5% royalty to Unreal.


Unreal for Creators

  • Free to use and royalty-free.
  • It does not include publishing offerings.

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Real-Time Game Preview

  • Earlier, the game design and development process were slow, tangled between iteration, rendering, and lighting. After the developer placed the objects on the engine, he had to undertake a series of iterations and rendering to see what the video game may look like with lighting.
  • With the Unreal engine, the developers can experience lighting effects, the changes in lighting as an update while working in real-time. The unreal engine enables the developer to speed up their video game production.
  • Developers can work effortlessly on prototypes. They can get a deep insight into how their ideas look in reality.


Get Your Hands On Source Code

While developing Unreal engine games, developers get the exposure to plunging into a novel visual coding language. Still, they may feel about implementing traditional programming to bring their video game to life.

Epic Games has also released source code for Unreal. Developers can easily access the C++ written source code from Github.


Developing Virtual Games

  • The global Virtual Reality market will reach $26860 million by 2027. (Yahoo Finance)
  • The global VR gaming market will grow to $53.44 billion by 2028. (Fortune Business Insight)

VR in gaming has been swinging high at a rapid pace.

Individual game developers and game studios are rushing to coat their games with Virtual Reality.

  • The Unreal engine opens new opportunities for game developers to create hyper-realistic game environments virtual reality experiences.
  • Unreal offers advanced tools suitable to create a complex yet cinematic game environment and gameplay.
  • The developers can explore the tools and features to convey their idea stories within the gameplay.
  • Unreal especially excels in VR shooter games.

For years, Unreal engine has proved itself an excellent game engine aiding game developers, both newbies and experienced, to carve out fascinating video games.

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