Ear reconstruction surgery refers to the plastic or cosmetic ear operations performed to rebuild an ear that is damaged by cancer surgery or ear trauma, misshapen ear, or missing/underdeveloped outer ear due to a congenital defect. The different types of ear reconstruction surgery performed at The Microtia Trust include microtia repair using rib cartilage graft or building a prosthetic ear; otoplasty to change the size, shape, and position of ears; and ear defect repair by trauma or cancer surgery to restore the function and form of the outer ear. Dr. Parag Telang, is an experienced and best ear surgeon in Mumbai, India who holds top rank in the list of surgeons capable of performing any ear reconstruction surgery in patients of any group with highly-satisfying results. Due to Dr. Parag Telang’s expertise in treating various patients from the USA, UK, UAE, and other countries visit him at The Microtia Trust to get microtia reconstruction surgery benefits. For more information about ear surgery cost in India, book an appointment now at The Microtia Trust with Dr. Parag Telang, a world-renowned and the best ear surgeon in USA.

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