If you would have told us a decade ago that a video and image sharing platform would be all the rage, we would have laughed it off. Fast forward to 2022, and it is already difficult to imagine a world without Instagram in it. This photo and video sharing platform has taken the social media industry by storm.

Instagram Video Downloaders

Not only has it become a primary base for social media influencers to stay connected with their followers, but it has also found an expansive user base that caters to the who’s who of Hollywood. It is, without a doubt, one of the most engaging and exciting platforms ever produced online. So it is quite a bummer that you don’t get to download the images and videos you see on Instagram.

As of now, there is no official word as to whether Instagram will ever allow its users to download the videos on their platform for offline viewing. They have their reasons for doing so. However, you might also have legitimate reasons of your own.

Thankfully, you won’t have to scratch your heads looking for appropriate software to download videos from Instagram anymore. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best and reputable Instagram Video Downloader to download Instagram videos from.

We will take a deep dive into each of their features, the amount they ask you to pay for using their services, and ultimately let you decide whether to go for a particular tool or skip right ahead

FAQs About Downloading Instagram Story Video

Q #1) Are Instagram video downloaders legal?

Answer: As long as you are not using these tools to download copyright-protected content, they are absolutely legal to use. We would recommend using the tool only for personal reasons to be on the safer side of the law.

Q #2) Can an Instagram video downloader work for other social media platforms?

Answer: This of course depends on the video downloader, although most tools are compatible with all kinds of online content and social media platforms to serve their purpose.

Q #3) How long can an Instagram video be?

Answer: An Instagram video you upload can be 60 seconds long. However, you can upload longer videos on IGTV on Instagram.

Insta Videos Downloader


Insta Videos Downloader is a tool for downloading Instagram stories, videos, photos, etc. It supports Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu platforms. You can subscribe to your favorite Instagram accounts/hashtags/locations and the tool can automatically download the existing as well as upcoming posts.


  • Insta Videos Downloader will let you download private Instagram photos, videos, etc.
  • It has features for downloading the Instagram highlights in a separate subfolder for each highlight.
  • It provides the features to back up the Instagram account.
  • It contains many more capabilities like saving the Instagram Posts by date, exporting & importing subscriptions, etc.

Verdict: Insta Videos Downloader is easy to use and will let you download photos or videos in just two simple steps, entering the Instagram user/hashtag/location & clicking the download button. You can download multiple Instagram posts at once with this tool.

Price: Insta Videos Downloader has three pricing plans, Personal ($9.95), Pro ($30), and Bundle ($65). All these prices are for a one-time payment. It has a free starter plan with limitations on the number of downloads.