On a sweltering summer day or under the intense heat of the sun during a camping trip, nothing feels better than enjoying an icy beverage. The only question is: How can we keep our drinks cold when we’re outdoors? If this question has ever popped into your head, then it’s time you should add a hard cooler to your list of necessities.

These days, there is a variety of hard cooler models suitable for many different types of outings. The market leaders in the industry are namely Yeti, Coleman, Cabela or Orca. Normally this outdoors equipment would cost up to a few hundred dollars. Together, let’s figure out why these Best coolers on the market – The Cooler reviews are totally worth the hard cash.

1. Yeti Tundra Haul

Yeti Tundra was introduced to consumers in 2006. Since then, it has been gradually growing and setting the Yeti standard for the industry. Also, it has popularized rotomolded hard coolers in the market and became one of the top rated hard coolers.

Yeti Tundra, which is widely well-known for excellent ice retention, is one of the best sellers of Yeti coolers. The fact that it was a real struggle to carry these heavy companions with arms made Yeti decide to put wheels on their signature Tundra – introducing the Tundra Haul into the market. As the first wheeled cooler in the Tundra product line, the wheels are one of the iconic components of the Yeti Tundra Haul. These wheels are fairly large in size, and they’re also a polyurethane single piece construction, which makes them durable for years and years. The handling system is also a big plus of this Tundra model. Made of weld-aluminum, the handle has a curved design which allows you to carry or pull your cooler comfortably. Containing up to 55 pounds of ice, this item offers buyers decent capacity for long trips. With the trademarked “Fatwall” design, these extremely thick walls can contain up to 2.6 inches of insulation. Pressure-injected polyurethane in the reinforced walls along with the rotomolded construction make this hard cooler seemingly indestructible.  It is no exaggeration to say so, since the Yeti has been certified as bear proof, meaning it is capable of protecting its contents even in the event of an encounter with wild animals.

This product line from Yeti specifically aims at outdoorsmanship, so you can be sure that its material and hardware are extremely resistant. Although Yeti is considered a high-end brand in coolers, all products with the Yeti standard are worth every pfenny. And Yeti Tundra Haul in particular is the best cooler with wheels ever!

2. Coleman Coastal Xtreme Series Marine Portable Cooler

Another candidate on the list of best hard sided coolers is Coleman Coastal Xtreme Series. With a tough appearance and high durability, this Coleman ice chest can accompany you in any of your adventures and survive extreme weather conditions.

Coleman has an unrivalled reputation when it comes to supplying camping and outdoor gear. This product line from Coleman comes in a variety of sizes, and with a 70-Quart capacity. You can carry up to 100 cans on your trips! Using ThermOZONE insulation and Xtreme 5 Technology, the cooler is environmentally-friendly, and can retain ice up to 5 days. This item is also built with 2 large and comfortable handles on the side, making transporting it easier than ever. Moreover, you can take advantage of the hinged lid for several purposes. For example, it can serve you as a decent seat for your fishing trip, or you can use it as a cutting board for food preparation. It also comes with 4 cup holders, which means you can always turn it into a small table to enjoy food and drinks.

What more could you expect from this hard cooler? The answer is its affordable price. If you prefer to spend no more than $100 for an ice chest, Coleman surely has some products that are within that budget.

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3. RTIC 45 Hard Cooler

Another hard cooler which has been certified bear resistant is the RTIC. A midsize cooler like RTIC 45 would be a perfect cooler for your short trips or a barbecue in the garden with your friends.

RTIC slogan “Overbuilt, not overpriced” has said it all about what you will get when you choose an RTIC cooler. With the modern rotomolded construction, this ice chest can assure you of its durability. As a midsize item, it is totally portable for one person since it only weighs 25.0 lbs. when empty. In terms of ice retention, RTIC is also ranked as one of the top coolers for high performance with the ability to hold ice for up to 10 days. Some other features of this hard cooler that you might love include heavy duty rubber T-latches to ensure perfect closure, molded tie-down slots and non-slip feet to anchor your cooler and the rapid V-drain system to get rid of melted ice easily. Besides, you can also purchase an extra divider if you would like to organize your food and drinks inside this ice box.

This multi-purpose cooler can also be used as a cutting board, a non-slip stool and a tabletop. It won’t be a waste of time to check it out!

4. ORCA BW058ORCORCA Hard Cooler

Are you planning a long camping trip? Let us introduce one of the best coolers for camping available in the market – the ORCA BW058ORCORCA Cooler.

High performance would be not enough to describe the quality of Orca’s coolers. In terms of ice retention, Orca coolers have always been in fierce competition with those of Yeti. If Yeti is famous for the 2-inch thick walls, Orca decided to go all out with 3-inch walls to maximize the time they can keep your food and drinks cold. This extra thickness is the reason why Orca coolers outperformed many coolers in several tests. However, due to this feature, the weight of this cooler when empty is relatively higher than those from other brands. Beside the common T-latches to keep the lid shut, the brand also equips their ice chest with fabric rope handles. Therefore, your hands aren’t going to burn whenever you’re carrying such a heavy load. This model of Orca comes in 6 different sizes, and four standard colors, including white, pink, tan and green. However, five other colors are available for your choice only if you decide to purchase via Amazon.com. Last but not least, a lifetime warranty is granted when you purchase Orca coolers. And it can’t get any better when this warranty covers not only the cooler itself but also all the components included.

In terms of pricing, Orca and Yeti are ranked as the high-end brands for outdoor gear, but Orca’s products are slightly cheaper than Yeti’s. So, if you would like to purchase an ice chest that can last for a few good years, Orca should be on top of your list.

A few final words

So, if you are an outdoors enthusiast, and you have that passion for adventure, let’s equip you with one of the Best ice cooler reviews in the market. Don’t forget to factor in the duration of your trip and the number of friends that will join you so that you can choose the perfect size and brand of your cooler. Once again, there are plenty of choices for a decent hard cooler in the market being offered at different prices. Therefore, don’t worry that you might overshoot your budget. Enjoy your shopping!