Helical gears can be described as gear teeth that are shaped like cones or spirals that are joined at their ends, with the axis of the cone or spiral running parallel to the shaft they are attached to. They are manufactured with specific high precision to ensure that their teeth engage properly when put in motion with other helical gears; this makes them useful in areas where very precise motion control is required, such as in the manufacture of automobiles and industrial machinery. Most Helical Gears are designed to rotate on a vertical axis, although helical gears designed to rotate on horizontal axis also exist.

What is a Helical Gear?

Helical gears are used for many different purposes, and their design is what makes them so versatile. They are used to transmit power in the form of rotational motion from one shaft to another. The gear teeth on helical Gears have a curved shape that resembles a spiral staircase when viewed from above, which helps the gears mesh together smoothly.

Uses of Helical Gear

Helical gears are used in many industries for a wide range of applications. They can be found in factories and warehouses, as well as on ships, locomotives, and other types of transportation equipment.

Gear Manufacturers play an important role in supplying these gears to the various industries that need them. These gears come in different sizes and teeth ratios which vary depending on the application they’re being used for. Gear manufactures are responsible for designing this gears with their specifications and based on their needs.

Mechanical advantage of helical gears

This is because the teeth are cut in a helical pattern, which is a spiral. The gears can be made to fit together in either an axial or radial configuration. This means that in an axial configuration, there would be two gears on a shaft with one gear inside the other and meshing together. In this case, the rotation of one gear will turn the other gear as well. Gear manufactures in Punjab Ludhiana say that for every full rotation of the inner gear, it will only rotate about half a revolution. With so many options available today for gears manufacturers in India, why settle for anything less than the best?

Industrial applications of helical gears

Helical gears are often used in applications that require high power transmission with a relatively low rotational speed. They are typically found in machinery and equipment such as conveyor belts, agricultural machinery, and packaging machinery. They can be manufactured from a variety of materials including steel, cast iron, bronze and stainless steel.


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